January 22, 2013

Watch Out We're Getting Serious

It is no more fun and games in my house when it comes to gardening. This past weekend we decided to make a serious investment with both our money and time. We've been playing with the idea for a while, considered building our own, did research so we finally bit the bullet and bought a greenhouse.
     Now you know me and my lifestyle so you shouldn't have any grand ideas of what we purchased.  In the past we've bought small greenhouses that were just enough to holds our trays our lettuce and a few potted plants.  We actually wore the lining out on the first one so we use the frame as shelves in our shed.  The second one wound up staying on the porch during the summer months as a towel closet of sorts until we took down the pool.  It is still in good condition and was brought back out when Nadia started attacking our broccoli. (If you're unsure who Nadia is check out these posts:
    We looked at different sizes and types however the simple fact is most were way out of our budget. We have even been trolling Craigslist hoping to find one. The one we settled on came from Big Lots made by the same company, Village Green of the smaller ones we liked.  They come in two sizes and we opted for the larger  8'x10" that came with shelves.  It took "us" less than an hour to assemble.  The hardest part was stretching the cover over the framing.

The shelves currently have our new crop of lettuce and the few surviving broccoli.  We're going shopping tomorrow for seeds so we can get a jump on our early spring crop!  I am also planning on getting solar powered string lights which will add ambiance ~ cause happy plants are healthy plants.  (At least that's my excuse hee hee)
Looks like we are really turning into homesteaders!


  1. You did get serious!! I know so many people that love gardening and would love a greenhouse. It's great that you were able to get the greenhouse to help you out!

  2. The greenhouse really is a great addition and thankfully fit in our budget!


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