January 23, 2013

Are You Up To Joining Me On a Challenge?

     Come on you know you want to join me!  You have an entire year to do it.  It will be fun and possibly enlightening.  So what is this challenge?  Why a book challenge.  In fact I am going a couple of them ~ see which fits your fancy.
    The first one is actually the one that got me even thinking about book challenges.  I'm using the logo as the cover for my 2013 Audio Book Pinterest page.  Teresa at Teresa's Reading Corner is hosting  the 2013 Audio Book Challenge.  You can tell by the name why I was excited about this challenge.  There are 5 different levels you can choose to commit to.  I've committed to being married in this challenge which means listening to at least 25 books over the course of the year.  Actually that will be a piece of cake what I am really looking forward to is the monthly link-up where we'll all share what we've heard.   I'm hoping to find out about some authors I need to check out.

     The second challenge I've signed up for requires a bit of imagination.  Beth at Beth Fish Reads is hosting the 6th What's In A Name Challenge.  The rules for this challenge is that before December 31st you have read a book in each of the six categories.  The categories are where the challenge's name comes from.  One category is a book with Up or Down (or something equivalent) in the title.

    The third challenge I'm doing is going to be really fun.  Sarah at Feeling Fictional is hosting 2013 British Books Challenge (BBC).  The goal is for you to read one book a month written by a British author.  What I really like about this challenge is the idea of exploring some of the classics that I've missed along the way and possibly revisiting some old friends.  I also am hoping to read some of the Harry Potter books.  It will be interesting to see what I can find on audio books and if any celebrities have read  Austen or Dickens.

     This next challenge is a really easy one.  Hosted by Brianna and J9 at the Book Vixen are hosting Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge.  The idea is simple, read more books in 2013 than you did in 2012.  There are four different levels.  If I go by the books on my 2012 Pinterest Board I read
48 books.  I know I didn't pin all of the books I read especially over the summer.  For some reason I can't remember I didn't keep up on JA Jance's books so I am going to say that I read 60 books.  I am going to start at the 2nd level Out of Breath which means I will read 6-10 more books this year.  Gotta tell you the idea of reading 66-70 books seems a bit much but that is what a challenge is all about right!  What level will you choose to challenge yourself to?

The last challenge I am participating in is going to be the most challenging and the one I am most looking forward to being successful in.  Shelley Rae at Book'd Out is hosting the Eclectic Reader Challenge.  In this challenge you have to read a book in each of the twelve categories and they are not your run of the mill categories,  I am not even sure if I could actually tell what all of the categories actually are which means I'll be expanding my world.  I actually checked this challenge out because I misread Eclectic as Electric and thought it was another audio book challenge

So there you go, 5 different book challenges.  Do them all or just do one.  Whatever you choose let me know!! I'll be posting once a month on my progress.   You can always see what I'm listening to on my home page.  For a complete list you can follow my book boards on 


  1. What fun!! I'll join you in the British Books Challenge - I came back from the UK last fall with piles of books so I'm well stocked. Plus my writing partner's British so he'll recommend titles, I'm sure.

    'm reading a Josephine Tey mystery now (does Scottish count as British?) so I'm not too far behind for January.

    Ok, just checked. Scotland counts. My knowledge of world geography borderlines on the embarrassing.


  2. Way to go Jay!
    I may need some help finding British authors because outside of Philppa Gregory and JL Rowlands my current knowledge is clueless.

  3. What interesting challenges! I think the eclectic challenge is my favorite. We might discover a genre we never thought we would like.

  4. Welcome to the British Books Challenge! I hope you enjoy taking part and find some fabulous new authors :o)

  5. @ Sarah
    Thanks for the welcome I'm looking forward to what the year of new authors will bring

  6. Audio books do count just so you know :)

    Thanks for joining me in the Eclectic Reader Challenge - good luck!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  7. Thanks for participating! Good luck reaching your reading goals :)

    1. DEfinitely been enjoying the challenge, you can see my updated by clicking on the tab above


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