September 1, 2017

Introducing...... Cannon

We have a new addition to our family.  He's 4 legged and a complete puppy mess.
Here's Cannon

August 30, 2017

Apologize for returning with a rant

Lots to catch up on but have a rant that's truly driving me a bit nuts and isn't that the point of having a blog but to share my opinions.  With everything going on in Texas why am I so amazed that there are people looking to use this to promote hate!?!  And before you argue it isn't hate here's a simple guide rule: is it helpful or hurtful!

April 8, 2017

904 Life: Publix New Ready to Cook Dinners

While at Publix the butcher asked me "What's for dinner tonight?"  Thinking he was making small talk I showed him my basket of Pulled Pork (which was BOGO).  He then asked if I'd like dinner for free on Publix? As if I'd say no!

March 31, 2017

Movie Review: Gifted

Oh how I have missed screening movies!  I've been out of the loop these last 4 weeks but now I'm back.
I screened the new Chris Evans' movie Gifted.  First impression from trailers was that it looks nice but I won't spend the money to see it.  So what did I think after screening it?

February 24, 2017

My Oscar 2017 Predictions

     I think I did a pretty good job of getting to see most of this year's nominated films. In the main categories I missed Moonlight, Elle didn't play here and 20th Century Women just didn't interest me.  Surprisingly I haven't seen two of the Animated Features. The one I'm most disappointed about missing was Moonlight  :( I've marked my Predictions with ⭐ and my favorites with 👑

February 18, 2017

Movie Review: A Cure For Wellness

My original plan for the weekend was to see United Kingdom, but it's not playing by me yet.  When we first saw the preview for A Cure For Wellness I was not impressed.  Then I saw another one and thought okay, maybe if nothing else is out that weekend.  SirP called today and saw the movie last night and said he really enjoyed the thriller/suspense.  My first instincts were right.

February 17, 2017

Movie Reviews: Fist Fight and The Wall

I got to attend two screenings this week.  They weren't horrible but they weren't incredible.  They're both out in theaters this weekend and here's what I think.

February 11, 2017

We're adopting a Puppy ~ No, I Don't Have a Degree in Animal Science!

We lost one of our dogs, Mutiny, back in October.  She was 13 years old and passed away in our arms.  We've decided it's time to welcome another 4 legged member into our family. Things have changed since we rescued Mutiny, it seems you need a BS in animal science to rescue a puppy today ~ seriously!!

February 10, 2017

Review: John Wick 2

I never heard of John Wick prior to seeing a trailer for John Wick 2 back in October.  When I received the screening tickets I wasn't even sure if I was going to use them until a friend was extremely excited to see the movie.

February 9, 2017

Review: Lego Batman

I love animated movies, but to be honest wasn't all that impressed with The Lego movie that came out a few years ago.  My original plan was to wait and see Lego Batman on the small screen.  Then I received Screening Passes, and I'm not about to pass that opportunity up.
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