January 20, 2019

January Movies

We usually try to see at least two movies a week thanks to our AMC A-List passes.  
I plan to update weekly on what we've seen starting in February.
  • Mortal Engines  3.5 I really like dystopian stories. We first saw a trailer for this movie in 2017 so I've been waiting.  It did fall a bit short story-wise.  I'm giving it a bit higher score than I normally would have due to the incredible scenery/special effects.  
  • The Favourite 5/5 Absolutely loved this movie; after all I am a British History Buff.  Can you teach a history class from it~ NO.  However that is the director's style.  To see the women with little make-up and the men all done up was quite entertaining.  If I wasn't pulling for Glenn Close to win the Oscar for best leading female I'd be voting for Olivia Coleman
  • Vice 5/5 This was a movie I wasn't excited to go see but was interested in.  I've never been a fan of Dick Cheney and I think this movie enforces whatever opinion you had of him before viewing.  The acting was phenomenal.  I think there should be an awards category for "reality" make-up.  Of course the actor's portrayals were amazing but I challenge anyone to say they SAW Christian Bale or Sam Rockwell when watching them.  
  • On the Basis of Sex 4/5 I'd put this movie in the same category as The Big Short and Spotlight ~ a story that everyone needs to know (and I'm not referring to the the career of RBG).  This is a movie that doesn't need to be seen on the big screen but should if for no other reason that more like it are made
  • The Upside 3.5/5  Sometimes you need to go to the movies to be entertained with no great message and Upside is just that.  It is not a straight comedy which I think is why it works so well with the general public.  
  • Glass 3.5/5  If you didn't see and can remember well Unbreakable and Split then  do not see this until you do.  The best scenes all include Samuel L Jackson; Bruce Willis and James McAvoy struggled compare to him.  I wanted more from Bruce's David Dunn and while I so enjoyed McAvoy's transformations in Split I wanted less here.  I thought the ending was perfect.
So those were the first movies we saw this year.  I'm looking forward to the Oscar Nominations on Tuesday.  I'll have a post up with my predictions within the week.
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January 15, 2019

Lady and The Brain ~ The Inbetween

Before I jump into this post I wanted to point out that The Brain was not experiencing any symptoms whatsoever from the Tumor.  It was considered an incidental finding ~ incidental isn't that funny.

So what happens between a cancer diagnosis and treatment?  
Much more than you probably think

January 9, 2019

Lady and The Brain ~ The Beginning Part II

Wait 6 months!  As if we would actually take this piece of medical advice.
Not sure what I'm talking about then hop over here and read Part I

January 6, 2019

Lady and The Brain ~ The Begining Part I

One year ago today our world was turned upside down.  
 This is the story, as condensed as possible, of our beginnings. 
By The Way ~ remember Pinky and The Brain from The Animanics?  
That's where our name comes from.

November 30, 2018


2018 brought some serious changes to our world.  
We've decided to start sharing our journey in hopes of encouraging AND connecting with those going through similar circumstances
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September 1, 2017

August 30, 2017

Apologize for returning with a rant

Lots to catch up on but have a rant that's truly driving me a bit nuts and isn't that the point of having a blog but to share my opinions.  With everything going on in Texas why am I so amazed that there are people looking to use this to promote hate!?!  And before you argue it isn't hate here's a simple guide rule: is it helpful or hurtful!

April 8, 2017

904 Life: Publix New Ready to Cook Dinners

While at Publix the butcher asked me "What's for dinner tonight?"  Thinking he was making small talk I showed him my basket of Pulled Pork (which was BOGO).  He then asked if I'd like dinner for free on Publix? As if I'd say no!

March 31, 2017

Movie Review: Gifted

Oh how I have missed screening movies!  I've been out of the loop these last 4 weeks but now I'm back.
I screened the new Chris Evans' movie Gifted.  First impression from trailers was that it looks nice but I won't spend the money to see it.  So what did I think after screening it?

February 24, 2017

My Oscar 2017 Predictions

     I think I did a pretty good job of getting to see most of this year's nominated films. In the main categories I missed Moonlight, Elle didn't play here and 20th Century Women just didn't interest me.  Surprisingly I haven't seen two of the Animated Features. The one I'm most disappointed about missing was Moonlight  :( I've marked my Predictions with ⭐ and my favorites with 👑