January 10, 2013

Returning with my head held high

 It is Thursday so you know what I'll be doing tonight?  What you don't remember?? I'm so wounded NOT.  Thursday night is Weight Watchers. Bring on the scale baby because I'm ready.

      I was quite successful on Weight Watchers and then life got in the way and I couldn't attend meetings.  One thing led to another; I can't say I completely abandoned the program completely I most definitely wasn't a poster child.  While there were situations for the last three months that were out of my control the bottom line is I am the only responsible for what the scale says tonight.  Regardless of how further up the scale my weight is tonight I'm okay with it because I know with persistence I can do this.
     On the one hand I am looking forward to getting back with my meetings.  I love my meetings, especially our leader June.  She is honest, funny and incredibly supportive without sounding like she swallowed a W.W. dictionary.  There are the regulars at our meeting and we've gotten into a groove.  We know each other well enough that there's a level of comfort when it comes to sharing the downs of the previous week.  If I'm to be honest we are quite chatty and I love it.
    On the other hand I don't want some new people coming in and messing up that dynamic. I am quite certain that at tonight's meeting there will be all those people who have decided that simply because they hung up a new calendar it was time to do something about their weight.  Choosing to make a healthy change in your life is one of the most important things you can do not only for yourself but your family as well.  All I'm saying is why did you wait?  And did you have to choose my meeting???
     I know how horrible of me to say such things.  I'm just saying what many others are thinking.  On facebook my friend Jamal and others have commented how they can't wait for all the new members to get bored of going to the gym so they don't have to wait for machines.
     I guess part of my issue is I am not a big believer in New Year's Resolutions.  I don't get why people feel the need to set themselves up for failure more often than not.  I think goals are important at the same time they need to be set when they're best for you not simply so you have an answer when people ask you what your resolution is.  I challenge you to goo back to those people the beginning of February and ask how's it going... according to all the news stories less than 10% will still be sticking with it.
     Chances are tonight's meeting is going to be crowded and I'll have gained a couple of pounds.  Neither are going to get in my way of choosing to try and be healthier and slowly but surely thinner.
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