December 3, 2012

Fun and games are over ~ this means war!!

     Last week I shared the antics of a  backyard squirrel Nadia.  To refresh your memory I commented on how much I fun I had sitting in the backyard watching the animals enjoying our treats.  I thought it was so cute watching one specific furry little rodent attack the sunflower.  Well that little love fest is over and I'm out for blood!

    Today while I was out watering our plants I discovered that my generous offering of sunflowers and feeder corn wasn't enough for the local furry thieves.  The only excuse I can up with for the attack they've launched on my greens is that after all the protein they need some ruffage (or roughage depending upon where you live), or maybe they're on a diet.  Remember my beautiful pots of lettuce and how proud I was that we'd have salad greens for weeks on end~ NOT ANYMORE!!
What I don't understand is that they didn't eat from the full grown leaves but rather attacked the baby lettuce :(  They even munched on my one and only spinach plant.  If you look closely you can see the teeth marks.  With that I could get a forensic odontologist to get the exact furry little thief. Why they would feel the need to completely eat some roots and all is beyond me.
    It gets worse! The lettuce wasn't even enough.... they attacked my freshly re-potted broccoli as well.  I don't even know if the attacked plants will continue to grow now that their crowns have been attacked.  The broccoli they ate wasn't even mature as you can see by the ones they left untouched.   I really don't want to transfer them to the greenhouse as it isn't necessary and I think it would actually hurt the plants.  Tonight I am going to throw a frost blanket over the entire frame and hope that will keep the critters away.  UGGHH  I thought this container gardening would mean less critters.  I didn't realize I was creating an all you can eat salad bar!!
    Any advice?  In the meantime here's the solution I'm pursuing:


  1. But, but, think of all the intellectual power you are expending on this pursuit, forcing your cognitive neurons to neuroplastically recruit more neurons to their aide. You'll become smarter as a result and the squirrels won't have a chance. Thinks of them as cognitive therapy assistants. Dean

  2. Dean you made me laugh out loud ~ see life is the best form of therapy isn't it :)

  3. If I can't make someone laugh in the midst of these depressing circumstances, its not a good day.


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