September 6, 2011

Are you not aware you are in public?

  I don't understand people's behavior at times.  Do they think that they are walking around in a special bubble and others can't see or hear them?  Last I checked the "Cone of Silence" from Get Smart has not been proven to work or is it being marketed.

     Sunday we spent the day at the Zoo.  First off convincing two teenagers, 17 and 14, that they want to get up early and spend the day at the Zoo with their parents deserves a moment of respect~~thank you.  OK, moving right along.  Our day was great with some fun moments and planking opportunities.  Zoos are of course great attractions for families with young children.  We absolutely loved tagging behind the little girl who was excited when she kept seeing pictures of an elephant; wish we were near when she actually saw the three at our zoo.  Then there was the first grader who was acting like a tour guide.  You also have to love how children can meet and in an instant devise a game that has the bird behind bars chasing them.  AND THEN.....
     Oh the things we overheard.
1.      I carried you for 9 months then another 18 because you were a late walker if you think I'm carrying you around this zoo you're crazy  ~Mom to a preschooler
2.      Put the cup up so the bird can eat stop being a baby ~ Dad to a preschooler inside the bird aviary
3.      If that snake bites you come and tell us cause it’s poisonous ~Mom educating child on North Eastern Diamond Rattlesnake
4.      If you fall in I am not coming after you ~Mom to child hanging over edge of the moat wall surrounding the Lemur habitat
5.      Why can’t you smile for the picture ~ Mom pleading to uncooperative child holding up line at photo op in front of Merry-Go-Round
Here is what I really really really wanted to say
1.      Bet you wish you had spent the $5 on the stroller rental now huh
2.      Sir actually he is still a baby and some fears are fine---as I head out of there cause those birds freak me out
3.      So if a non-poisonous snake bites him you don't care?
4.      Maybe if you taught your child NOT to lean on the edge you wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.  Never mind showing the love!!
5.      Mam you’ve just spent 5 minutes yelling at your kid to smile do you really think pleading with him is going to make it happen?  Get over the picture already!! BTW she did get him to smile (tiny giggle) then he closed his eyes real tight.
Those were some of the non-cone of silence highlights.  Parents whenever you take your young children anywhere do not have grand expectations of seeing the whole park.  Remember this is Florida and it is so warm after 12noon that even most of the animals are napping!! I do think it is outrageous what it costs to visit the Zoo.  As a family of 4 our tickets including the Sting Ray Bay were $56 and that doesn’t include paying to feed the Giraffes or the Lorikeets.  I understand wanting to get the most out of your day… just remember they’re kids.  Oh and that other people can hear you.

Finally two words about Zoo Rules….. FOLLOW THEM!!

Zoo rules... No Animals allowed.  Pretty simple, let's face it there's enough animals inside the zoo already they don't want or need yours adding to the mix.  This poor puppy isn't even in a dog carrier, it just looks so uncomfortable  :0(   You have to wonder what it was thinking.....Oh to live in cages like that!!  Better yet what do you think the other animals were thinking when they saw him..... Where's the rest of him or I thought living in this fake habitat was bad!!    By the way when we saw these people it was close to 2pm and easily close to 95 degrees.

So to end on an up beat... as that is what we should start the week on....some fun pictures from yesterday


  1. I love the zoo but our zoo sucks. And I hate that it's so darn expensive.

    And don't go hungry. People food is outrageous!

    Also? Your son is handsome and your daughter is beautiful.

    Love, love, love the planking pictures! Hee hee!

  2. Thank you! It always amazes me the way that parents aren't parents and the awful things that they say to their children. Glad that you guys had fun anyway :-)

    On a side note, I find myself wondering if we use the same zoo - we have those same elephants...although I don't remember any birds....

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  3. Hi, Bren! Love your comments--so true! Sometimes I see these moms at Walmart at 10pm or later, with two little ones in a cart, and she is yelling at them for being whiny! I want to say, "Of course they are whiny--they should've been in bed hours ago!" What are they thinking?! Love the pix of your beautiful kiddos. XOXO!

  4. I can relate to your comments so well. It is so frustrating when you hear parents blaming the children for their lack of parenting. Children are a product of their environment, some parents just don't get it.

  5. I've garnered a few snickers when I've said to my son (in public), "Being in public is a privilege, not a right!" This is normally after he's decided to completely ignore some of my instructions.

    I'm guilty of saying #4 to my son... and yes, I've taught him not to climb on things. But some days, he's just a kid who likes to test his boundaries. I'd say sarcasm is a nice alternative to spanking or yelling though.

  6. Great post & tes I am impressed you talked your teens into going, but it looks like they had a great time!

  7. First off, I have to say that I love the planking pictures! Those made me giggle aloud!

    People who constantly yell or get on to their kids in public annoy me! Once in a while, you have to expect it, but to expect your child to be perfect is not right!! They are a CHILD!

    My boys don't use a stroller anymore. They are 5 and 3, but you better believe if we go to the zoo, we will take their red rider wagon or rent them a stroller. No way would they be able to walk that long with out getting tired!

  8. It is a rare day that you'll find me at the zoo, but it's sadly common to see how much I'm shaking my head and some of these ignorant, thoughtless parents (and the owner of the poor pup).

  9. It takes real skill to plank on whatever those birds are! These parents that also drive me crazy must not even hear themselves which makes me wonder what I've said in public to my kids...

  10. Hi Bren,
    It is nice to meet you! Your children are beautiful...
    looks like they can have a little fun spending the day at the zoo with Mom and Dad. You wrote a smart post...wish it would go world wide... parents really need to absorb the message.
    Take care,

  11. Stasha so true the food is expensive though I was glad to see a HUGE shaved ice was only $3.50 ~We shared
    Gidget we live in NE Florida, the birds are back by the kangaroos

    Allison those Moms at Walmart drive me crazy!! there is nothing you need at 10pm outside of the medicine aisle

    Kimberly omgoodness I say that all the time children learn what they live

    Kelli I love that mantra. Kids today think so many things are rights!!
    Karen I think we did all in all have fun

    Jessica we still have the little tykes wagon we took everywhere until Meg was maybe in 2nd grade, if nothing else it held our snacks

    Amberr the sad thing is they weren't even trying to hide the dog!

    Fishy I love your idea of my post going world wide

  12. I just think we might use the same zoo - we're in SE GA :-) That's kind of cool

  13. Good points.

    Most parents either don't know how to parent (Ever hear a mom arguing with their child as if they are their peer?), or they don't want to make the effort.

    Also,if parents don't make their children behave at home. how can they expect them to behave in public?

  14. Gidget how cool guess we all have to live somewhere :0)

    Sue that is so true!!! Though so many people think that the learning is ONLY found in the experience

  15. Interesting blog, and lovely pictures, pleasure to b here and following u.

  16. Handsome kids you have there, planking and all! :D I love the zoo! We'll have to visit the zoo in Calgary. We haven't been at all since we moved to Alberta, and I hear it's pretty nice!

  17. Mostly, in public, I tend to ignore hwat others say. 1.Most parents have a firm grasp on reality. They're not really going to let their kid fall into an aligator pond and not get them. It probably goes without saying that if a "regular" snake bit their child, they would care deeply. There is no shame in telling a child that a particular animal is dangerous. I've told my kids to stop being babies. My BABY, age 8 months, cries when he needs something. My others, 3,5, and 6, are perfectly capable of using words when they need something, and crying about it doesn't get them anything they want or need. Words do. Pretty much, if you don't like it, unless a parent is actually harming a child, you can look the other way. Most of those things will not scar a child for life in any way. And it's always a good idea not to judge too much. No one really knows anything about people you are just seeing for a split second as you pass them.

    I'm now following you from MBC. I'd love for you to come on over to my blog too!

  18. the worst is when parents are yelling at there kids and being rough. it takes everything inside me to not say something!

    ps... love the planking :)

  19. I Just Love Your pictures! Great site! I am now your new follower:) God bless Rashida

  20. Welcome~ Sonia glad you're here
    Brae~ This is why my blog is titled "The World According to Lady Bren". My posts are often rants, observations of what I see around me. Our world isn't perfect by any means I do however believe there are moments when we could better ourselves in general. Thanks for the lively discussion Welcome to my world.
    Christa~ glad you love the planking
    Rashida~ Welcome to my World so glad you are here

  21. I feel so bad for those poor animals that people decide need to be in suitcases or portable doggie houses!

  22. Russell I agree with you I hate seeing dogs used as fashion accessories

  23. When my kids were little I didn't care if people heard me. My husband would be so embarrassed! He would whisper, "We're not white trash." That would make me even more angry. YES! I live in a bubble, and little kids are not smart so I don't care if I get caught saying something dumb to them. LOL!

    My kids are 12 and 10 now, I don't make a scene anymore because they talk right back.

    I love the planking! I don't get it but it is always funny to see the pix.


  24. I think it's always interesting to overhear conversations. You had some good comebacks, too.

  25. I have 3 little ones, at this stage neither them or us would enjoy a long Zoo visit. But a quick visit to see trains they enjoy. Age appropriate activities is a must for anyone wanting to enjoy a family outing.

    New follower

  26. Oh Lady B Darling... your kids are FAB!!! Have a wonderful weekend Dear and thanks for setting the record straight that the 'Cone of Silence' really doesn't work! Really?? lol Cups Up my Dear! xoxo

  27. LOL! This post had me cracking up! That's how I must sound with my extra rambunctious 3 year old.

    New follower! Found you at MBC!

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