January 13, 2013

Feelling kinda clueless

     I had to take two computer programming classes while in college back in the early 1980s.  The classes were related to statistics and truly we wrote lots of 1s and 0s.  When we purchased our first computer in 1998 I sat down and taught myself the basics.  How is it 15 years later I feel so clueless?

     I received a Samsung Chromebook at Christmas.  Our laptop is only 3 years old but boy does it get heavy lugging it around everywhere so the Chromebook was the best answer to my whining needs.  I wanted something lightweight, could fit into a small bag and as long as I could write my blog and play my games answer emails I was happy.  At first I was thinking about getting a tablet but I liked the keyboard so we went with the Chromebook.
     I know that PCs and Macs run on different operating systems ~duh.  What I didn't realize is that not everything 'unApple" doesn't run on Windows.  I knew that my Chromebook was Google based I just didn't know that I'd have to stop and learn new commands.
*I purchased an "out of the box" returned Chromebook that didn't have a manual 
     After a couple times of printing when I was trying to paste I learned that CTRL-V is the command I need to use.  What is so frustrating about this is trying to find the answers on the Internet.  You'd think there would be a site devoted to computer commands for Chromebook but no.  Google/Chromebook does have a community to support its users.  What I've discovered is I'm a kindergartner and most of the others are working on their masters.
     Simple things are frustrating me.  For example while typing this post if I misspell a word a squiggly red line appears underneath it.  In the past I would right click on that red line and I'd be presented with the proper spelling ~ doesn't work on the Chromebook and I don't understand why.  Actually the entire right click thing is very frustrating.  I'll try to right click on a picture to bring up the URL nope nothing.  I didn't realize there wasn't a delete button and man having to backspace errors isn't as easy.  I'm aslo getting used to only having the numbers on top of the keyboard.  Having worked in Accounting I do miss the number keypad on the right but not using the Chromebook for that so it is a non-issue.
     I'm sure I'll figure this out eventually but dang thought I had the computer basics down.  Overall I do have to say I am very happy with my Chromebook.  I love how light it is and the battery life is super.  Things like the USB drive being in the back doesn't bother me one bit.  Currently you can't stream Netflix but I don't use that anyway.  One thing that I didn't think would matter but I do really like are the volume buttons on the keyboard, no more having to search for the volume control panel.
     So if anyone out there would like to walk me through a basic "Get to know your Chromebook" seminar tell me when and I'll show up


  1. oh, good luck with your new computer! I am very tech challenged, so if it doesn't work as i think it should it's time to call the hubby! :)

  2. Unfortunately Tamara in my house I'm the go to person LOL
    Maybe I should call your hubby ~ jk


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