August 30, 2011

The Chair Stands Alone

Remember the nursery song... The Farmer in the Dell; at the end the cheese stood alone.  Well in my Post Stroke World the Shower Chair Stands Alone.

     There's a lot of paraphernalia that goes along with stroke recovery.  I came home with a walker, shower chair, adapters for silverware, and plans for upgrading to a cane, never mind the multiple medications. We were supposed to install hand rails in the shower but somehow that never happened.  In the last six months just about everything has disappeared from my world.  Except the shower chair... and I don't think it will follow the rest of the trappings into the attic anytime soon.
     The reprieve the chair is receiving isn't due to my recovery or inability to stand in the shower.  It plain and simple has to do with the fact it has become a sort of luxury item.  Seriously!! After working out in the yard on some of the hottest days taking a nice long shower now is more relaxing.  A teenager not to be named has been known to enjoy the chair's benefits after long runs or extreme work-outs.  Who knew this once necessary item was now bringing joy and happiness to others.
    The funny thing is I see them in stores now.  I never really noticed them before.  Because we really had no say in what type we were getting as third parties arranged all that for us I had no clue as to the varieties available.I've also noticed these puppies pop up at garage sales and thrift stores often.  Considering what they go for new paying $15 for a shower chair and a bottle of disinfectant is well worth it.
    So for those of you who like me don't have a garden tub to relax in I definitely suggest purchasing yourself a shower chair... better to buy one because you want it rather than needing it don't you think!
This is the one we have.  You can purchase them without a back but why would you????


  1. Oh Lady Bren - you are so funny!

    I had a little shower stool (found it at a garage sale) when I was pregnant. It was the only way I could shave my legs! And I do know what you mean...that little shower stool didn't disappear until several years later when we moved. I still miss it! :-))

  2. I took my grandmother's old chair home with me after she purchased a new one. It comes in handy.

  3. See ladies I knew I wasn't the only one out there who would apprecaite such convenience LOL

  4. I never thought of having a shower chair. I think I will look into it.

    I am following you back from the Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop.

    It sounds like you are making the most of this hardship that has come into your life. I look forward to checking out your blog more. You seem to have a great sense of humor!

    Ellen Marie "Mama" Pike

  5. We have like minds Darling, as I knew where you were going with this from the very beginning! I had a bench built into my shower thinking it would be a luxury... and you know what? It IS... Blowing kisses my Dear LB! xoxo

  6. Oh! Stopping by from Tuesday's Hop Darling, already following... lol Minding my hopping manners! xoxo

  7. Now following you. The signatures on the pictures are watermarks you can get them with any free editing software life Picasa or Photobucket.

  8. my initial thought was that of Mommie Dearest - leg shaving convenience! i'll be on the lookout for one now. thank you!

  9. Ladies I am telling you once you have a chair you'll never go without, and mommie dearest is right shaving legs no longer a balancing act.

    Adriana thanks for the info on the water marks welcome

    Ellen my blog started as a result of me not being able to talk after my stroke and of course my first thougth was how could the world ever live without my words of wisdom LOL Welcome

  10. If my kids would let me have a shower longer than 5 minutes I'd be sleeping in that shower chair. That'd be my Mom-Fail.. The second I stepped in, sat down, Snooze...Zzzzz Sounds so comfy, I can almost picture it in my dream world. Then reality hits and my kids are pounding on the shower door. Blast. hehe :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, your newest loyal follower :) :)

  11. Oh Melanie I promise you your day is coming. I remember when I felt like the grand marshall of a parade every time I went to the bathroom.... though til this day the dogs still follow me LOL

  12. I never really knew about shower chairs! But now that you mention it, I really wish I had one a few weeks ago when I strained my lower back and could hardly stand/walk!

    Showers were a little unsettling when you can't stand comfortable much less when you're trying to wash your legs/feet! A chair would have made that so much easier/comfortable!

  13. Angie oh bless your heart... I have to tell you we will not be disposing of the chair at any point in the future.
    I hope you're feeling better.... scope out those resale stores for a chair they're out there

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