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             I love books.  I love reading.  While waiting for the kids and their activities I would have a book or a magazine nearby.  However just about 5 years ago I started having trouble retaining and found that I was needing to re-read chapters over and then paragraphs.  I was doing okay with bible studies AS they were short focused. However to read a book and then come back to it hours or a day later there I had little or no retention.  I came to realize that unfortunately this isn't uncommon with people who suffer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I fought this and refused to accept this reality.  Books have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Weekly trips to the library with my Dad were a constant.  I worked summers at the library and volunteered at the library at college as well as every elementary school my kids attended.  Well I can declare that I have won the battle.  I am now hooked on audio books. I have favorite authors and even favorite narrators.  And let me tell as far as I am concerned you the wrong reader can completely destroy a book. So I am going to share with you the books I am reading.

Books I've Heard in 2015
Book Challenges 2015
Books I've Heard in 2014
Book Challenges 2014
Books I've Heard in 2013
Book Challenges 2013
Books I've Heard in 2012

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