My Stroked Life

     The main reason I started writing this blog was as a form of therapy.  I was literally lying in a hospital on the stroke ward unable to communicate verbally.  I was texting... using only my left hand as well as connecting through facebook.  However neither of those social medias were giving me a chance to scream and tell the world I was still inside and terrified of what I was going through.  One of my amazing nurses saw me struggling and encouraged me to journal this experience.  At first I was posting "notes" on Facebook.  She thought my story and humor could possibly encourage others and thus Lady Bren was born.
     Not every post on this website has been stroke focused.  If I am honest though I do believe I have a different life view then before the stroke.  NO I didn't have a moment of epiphany with the clouds breaking and a glorious Bach sonata playing.  Most of these realizations have been small and many are still coming
On this page I've linked the blogs that are specifically related to my stroke and its recovery.  I have them listed chronically in case you'd like to follow this journey from the beginning. My stroke occurred Saturday, February 19th, 2011.