January 11, 2013

The Scale Went Up and I'm OK

     Well I bravely faced the scale last night at Weight Watchers and as expected I did indeed gain weight.  In the five weeks since my last visit to WW I gained........ 0.8 pounds.  That's right I gained less than what the average cup of coffee weighs at Starbucks!! 

     OK I know any weight gain isn't something to be celebrated but people let's get real here.  In the five weeks from December 6th to January 10th a lot happened. Think of all the holidays and implied goodies I endured; NFL game, travel, Christmas dinner, birthday celebration, New Year's and a trip to Disney World.  Personally I think you should be applauding my effort not giving me any grief~~ oh that's right you're not Sorry.
     I am a bit disappointed because I can no longer say I've lost over 30 pounds, as officially it is now only 29.6.  Unfortunately all of the passive excuses won't work because I do weigh in at the same time every week and I try to wear clothes that are very close in weight so I can't blame it on my new charm bracelet.
     I know that I will be seeing the numbers drop again in the next few weeks.  I really am hoping to hit the 40 pound mark around Valentine's Day.  We don't make much of the Hallmark holiday so there won't be dinners or such.  If anything I'd just like the Pandora Open Your Heart Charm for my bracelet (HINT HINT for hubby should he read this).  My ultimate short term goal is to have lost a total of 50 pounds before my Anniversary dinner in Disney.  While losing 50 pounds isn't going to have me shopping in the "I had a tic tac for dinner" section of the store I am hoping to be able to wear something with a bit more shape than my usual mou--mou.
    Since my last visit to WW they have started a new program called WW360°.  The idea is that they have a pretty great program in regards to food with the PointsPlus.  To quote the material we were given tonight: "To create a program that teaches you not only the Tracking steps you need to follow PointsPlus but also the specific steps you can take to create healthy Spaces and build the healthy Routines that are linked with lasing weight loss."  In other words they've realized like any of us who have an issue losing weight is that it simply isn't all about the food.
     At next week's meeting we are going to work on Spaces.  Our homework is to bring in a picture of our refrigerator, yes the inside.  The funny part is ours is looking a bit like Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboard.  Once a year I like to eat through all the food we have in the house.  Clean out the pantry and freezer completely.  Since we were gone for the short vacation last week the only food stuff brought into the house has been bread, produce and dairy items. The flip side is that not everything is going to be WW friendly.  There is a wheel of Brie in the outside fridge I really need to do something with ~ though part of me is saying forget it that fridge doesn't count.
     Starting next Friday I plan on returning to my short-lived series of Losing Fat Loving Food Fridays where I will share the good, the bad and the ugly of the past week's weight loss journey.  Until then.....


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss success. I think it's great that you only gained less than a pound over the holidays it can be extremely difficult. I know I've gained about 5. Back to the drawing board - never give up!
    Jae Mac, I'm Just Sayin'...(Damn!)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement I am pretty proud of that little number. It is back to the grindstone, I don't think today's comnumpstion will have been helpful..lunch out dinner out then party with alcohol and of course cake

  3. Congrats on your success! I have been considering trying W.W. as my efforts to lose weight on my own have always ended in disaster! The idea of attending meetings seems a bit overwhelming. And the cost is a problem too. But maybe it's worth it??

  4. Hi Tamara
    I have to be honest the cost was a major issue with me however when I compared that to my health I found things to cut out. The meetings actually are really supportive but like anything it depends on your clicking with the leader. don't feel it with one then try another. they really do make a difference I know I do so much better when I attend. Email me and we'll chat some more


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