January 29, 2013

Are You a Waver?

     I'm not asking anything difficult, Waver is not a new phrase for anything nor does it refer to some beach sport you're unaware of.  Are you one of people who wave when you pass others?
     It seems like a weird question now that I've put it out there.  I think it is simple gestures like waving that are missing in today's world.  I'm not saying no one waves anymore or that by simply waving at our neighbors we are going to cure all the world's issues.  I do believe that it is these tiny moments of kindness that can make a small difference.
     How many times have you let a car get in front of you and they don't do the thank you wave? Be honest it makes you a tiny bit angry and maybe this scenario plays out in your head:  I just did something nice and you can't even acknowledge UGGHH ~loser.  I am quite confident in that I'm not the only one who has had thought that.  Then the flip side is when they do wave back it makes you feel good.  All over a simple one or two second hand gesture.  I wave at everyone that I pass while driving in my neighborhood.  There's one gentleman who is always sitting outside his home and it doesn't matter how many times I pass I always smile and wave at him, which he always returns.  I always wave at any car that passes me while I am outside even though I usually have no clue who they are.  I wave thank you when cars let me cross in front of them even if I am in a crosswalk. If I am the driver I wave the pedestrians on with a smile.   Maybe I am living out my royal fantasy and believe everyone's thrilled I'm waving at them, who knows.
     Thanks to social media we are now all able to connect with people around the world in an instant.  Despite all of those connections I believe we are losing our sense of community.  We are lucky to know our immediate neighbors never mind those further in our neighborhood.  We've gotten so big so fast that we've lost something along the way.  We'd rather skype someone hours away then engage someone nearby.  I think the simple act of waving can connect us, even if just for a moment.
     Not believing in the power of a wave yet?  Dig deep and I am sure you have at least one memory of doing this:  You're stopped at a light and in the car next to you staring out your way is the bored face of a young child.  Your simple gesture of a wave gifted you with that child's bright eyed smile which in turn made your heart smile.


  1. Yes, I am a waver. Um...let me qualify that. When I'm driving my motorbike, waving at everyone is not a very good idea. In that case, I I guess you could say that I'm a nodder. A smile and a nod accomplish virtually the same thing. I love to see people light up when you make eye contact and smile.

  2. @Julie
    Yes please don't wave while driving your motorbike. I agree it is glorious watching the momentary connection with others

  3. Oh yes, indeed! I am a waver and a smiler and a nodder! Whichever is most appropriate or feasible, I do it. I love seeing people shocked into a return greeting. Sometimes I hold doors open for people, too. Folks look so shocked, like it's never happened to them before. I also offer to let someone cut in front of me in line if they only have one or two items to my cart-full. It's the little things that mean the most. I'm always disappointed when others don't return these easy gestures. My hubz says I hold people to "high standards", but I'm like, REALLY? Waving is a "high standard"? Someone get me off this crazy planet. I wanna go home.

  4. @Andi
    I hear ya loud and clear sister. One lesson I learned from my Dad was being nice to the people working the toll booths~ hubby always comments after we pass through one I said hi for your dad.


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