December 12, 2012

We're going DEFCON (Squirrel Wars part 2)

It seems that I named Nadia appropriately:
 Nemesing* Animal Destroying Innocent Agriculture
Last week I shared how Nadia had attacked my Broccoli and Lettuce crops.  Well it seems she hadn't quite had her fill.  As you can see in the evidence presented here:

She not only ate all the leaves but actually scarfed down more than half of the plants themselves.  
With this last assault on my innocent vegetation it is clear the time for being nice is over.  In response to her first attack last week I covered the shelves with a frost blanket to keep them safe, unaware of her ability to burrow through the fabric to get what she wanted.  I received some interesting advice last week from my friend Sherri.  She told me about motion sensitive sprinklers that she uses to protect her yard from deer and other unwanted dinner guests.  Upon research I've learned there are a variety of choices, styles and of course price ranges.  The one I particularly likes is called the Scarecrow from Contech Inc.,.  This company actually has the profile of a menacing crow as part of the design which I find very entertaining.  Of course I had to search YouTube and find video proof of animals fleeing after activating the sprinkler which you can also giggle at.  This handy little soldier at the moment is most definitely on my wish list.  

What I also am not understanding is why NADIA is only assaulting my broccoli and lettuce.  Right around the corner is the last tomato plant of the season.  There are four glorious tomatoes slowly ripening.  Oh maybe that's it she doesn't like green tomatoes?  Picky little thing she is.
My plan is to cover the shelving unit with screening.  I'll glue the screening to the side supports, back and top.  For the front I'll glue the screening to the top triangle only and attach the rest to the side supports with clips so I can get access the plants. HMM considering the framing is metal maybe I could somehow electrify the frame as well (insert evil laugh).  With my luck I'd shock myself every time. Unfortunately it poured here yesterday and everything is soaking wet ~ thank heavens though all my rain barrels were empty!  So for now I am  just going to cover them by laying down screening on them weighted just enough so it won't blow off.  
Bring it on Nadia!!

*I know that this is not an actual word but it fits perfectly and remember this is MY WORLD :)

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  1. Oh my,
    DEFCON 2:Next step to nuclear war.
    What happens when you have to go to DEFCON 1? Nuclear grenade launchers?
    And who has the second key to launch the missiles? Can I be Slim Pickens?


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