March 16, 2011

Tuesday Tuesday

     Why aren't there any songs about Tuesday?  Probably because it is jut one of those days we just have to get to.  That's at least how I feel about this Tuesday. 
    My day started off with an episode of Harry's Law ~love this new show.  Then I started attacking the chore of cleaning my house. Not that my crew didn't do anything for the near 3 weeks I was sidelined but well you get it.  So I have figured out working in my kitchen is easiest as it is galley style so I don't have to rely on my walker as much.  However I do have to be careful spinning around.  I did figure out that for some reason I support my right leg with my right arm but as both are on my weak side not the best action to take and definitely glad no one was around to see the disastorous results LOL. Also be sure to put the correct lid on the container that is holding your lunch before you carry it sideways to the table.... Treasure and Mutiny enjoyed BBQ beans for lunch today. And can someone explain to me how nearly all of my rectangle lids hve disappeared????  Or better yet why my chinese restaurant changed containers and I have lids and bottoms just slightly different sizes (cause of my lunch mess)
     The remainder of my day.... therapy.  I had both physical and speech today.  I used to like Trent today he showed his true colors..I was so wiped after my session but it was good.  I think he is coming around to siding with me on being allowed to drive by the time I go to my GP in less than 2 weeks!!!!  Speech therapy was mostly focused on how to respond to the stressful situations that really effect my stuttering.
     Now I planned my therapies so that I would finsh up after dh got off of work so he could pick me up.  My therapies are on Fleming Island where just about everyone but us lives, which I also thought would be more convenient for the people I was needing rides from.  Today was the first day dh picked me up.  Now realize what went into this planning...both therapies in one day back to back.  While there are multiple PT's there is only one ST so finding appointments back to back and having those appts end as close to 3 pm was a bit of the challenge but the scheduler actually moved someone around for me to have the appointments.  What was his first comment to me? Not how did things go but can you move them up I waited 20 minutes!!!  UGGHHH deep breath sometimes the big picture has to be explained.
Off to bed
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