March 10, 2011


Yes it is official I am currently relaxing at home!!
I'm not even sure what to comment on.

   Now it was a great morning.  I got to sleep in which is in my book a major highlight.  We had one last meeting at 1030 and then we flew the coop.  I thought you would get a kick out of this....When we came back from our meeting there was a card on top of my luggage. A get well card signed by ALL the nurses on my floor (just in case I wanted to write any of their names on that survey LOL)

     So to celebrate my homecoming we went out for lunch and it was a treat....Maggiano's!  We just love that restaurant in fact that was where we announced to the kids we were going to London last year.  Well there a couple of things that are my favorite there including their bread..served warm and crunchy >>>couldn't eat it. Another favorite is the Zucchini appetizer.  Thin slices of zucchini coated in panko crumbs gently fried and served with a lemon aioli>>>barely finished one piece.  Thankfully our lunch was angel hair with sausage in the pomodoro sauce>>by now I had been eating or trying to eat for a while so while i did truly enjoy what I ate I was tired and barely ate half (i know there is a healthy upside to this). 
Today was a beautiful day in Jacksonville.  Maggiano's has a patio but we chose to eat by the window.  Okay first real world mini panic attack.  Hubby dropped me off outside of Maggiano's and parked the car.  The restaurant has 2 doors.  One is a revolving door the other a very ornate heavy door that opens in.  There was no one around to help ~ how was this going to work??? Well I just plugged on and THANK YOU GOD there was a hostess inside who saw me and helped.  I'll admit I am very self-conscious of how I look and sound which of course just makes my speech more labored.  Back to the patio.  Where our Maggiano's is located there's a little park with ponds and walkways.  There were kids feeding the this one mom kept all 3 preschool aged boys out of the water I don't know but am impressed.  There were these beautiful brown birds flying around whose name escape me.  They're a bit larger than a blue jay but definitely smaller than crows.  Well next thing I know these birds are on the fencing surrounding Maggiano's patio, mind you people were eating outside.  Then they were on an empty table.  Finally they were right behind these 2 guys eating lunch.  You know they were just hoping that someone would drop something and they didn't care if it was accidentally or on purpose.  While I had a bit of fun imagining their conversation at the same I was freaked that these birds were so close to the people eating.  AND if you are going to eat in public please remember that other people can see you sucking on those stalks of Broccolini with lemon and garlic that you have picked up with your fingers>>>HINT it is truly not pretty!!!

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