March 12, 2011

5 Guys, 2 Therapists, a Lizard and Eclairs.

     Sounds like the beginning of a joke huh..but no this was my Friday.  This was the first day I was on my own, well for a little while.  My dear friend Karen came over around 12noon to pick me up for my appointments.  Of course we HAD to go to lunch first.  It was a bit discouraging to have to rule out a couple of favorite places due to my swallowing issues but of course we found somewhere to eat.  If you have a 5 Guys Hamburger place near you and haven't tried it all I can ask is WHY???  Their burgers are moist flavorful and your topping choices are numerously wonderful.  While it did take me quite a while to eat my small cheeseburger I did however finish!  Unfortunately I was late to my appointment but they were so understanding. I'm fortunate that I am getting my rehab through an outpatient satellite of Brooks, the plus being that my therapy notes will be accessible to my new therapist.  The other plus is that I have PT and Speech in the same building.  And Thank heavens for small things but I only have one co-pay even though I am receiving 2 all adds up.  I like my 2 new therapists and after just my first meeting with my Speech Therapist she and I found another swallowing strategy :0)
Well a day with Karen wouldn't be complete with copious amounts of laughing and Friday was no different.  We topped our day off by seeing the new Johnny Depp movie Rango.  First off you have to understand that well Karen and I have a bit of history enjoying children's movies.  Going way back to the first Veggie-Tale full feature.  Karen was the children's minister at Grace Episcopal and blessed my kids along with countless others for many years. She has an incredibly contagious personality and I just love her to death (as my kids would say).  Back in November she joined MaryEllen and I to see the Disney movie Tangled.  Well we had way too much fun.  To be honest Meg said we embarrassed her.  Karen and I went back with another friend and saw it again.  While there we saw a preview for Rango and have been planning to see it since.  So last night Karen, myself and our latest recruit Jenn, went to see Rango.  Short note here: we were not the only childless adults in the theatre!  Rango was a hoot!!  The animation was of course incredible and it seems every time I see a movie they've accomplished some new incredible feat!! I am not sure that I would take a bunch of young kids to the movie as it does have a bit of adult humor in it as well as a few curse words.  We laughed so hard (no Meg to embarrass this time) and too many times to count.  Our next planned movie is Mars needs Moms. We will give fair notice to any who know us as to avoid potential humiliation.
So this sounds like a pretty great first day but it gets better.  I arrive home at 630 and discover that Deborah has delivered one of her amazing dinners.  She made us South West Chicken Salad and Eclair Cake!! 

Yeah for Friday!
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