March 16, 2011

It's here!!

   When asked what I do for a living I usually answer that I am a professional Mom.  It's funny to see people think about this for a second or so.  I just like the sound of it and well throwing people off, LOL.  So you can imagine how incredibly excited I have been for today to arrive.  I guess I should clue you in as to why.
     Emily is a freshman at the University of Mobile studying Opera and Ministry. (I know they go together so well).  Finding a way to fully experience all that Mobile had to offer in both of these areas has been a bit of a juggling act but Em's figured out a way.  So we weren't surprised when she said she wanted to be a part of the school's spring break mission trip program.  In the fall they offer a weekend trip and she had a blast in Nashville.  The goal of these programs is to make them accessible to all students so they really keep the costs as low as possible.  I just love how they opened up the spring trip.  As with most trips there are a limited number of spots available.  So the morning of registration they tweeted where the sign ups were.  Can't you just imagine cars circling the campus awaiting this tweet!  When she got there they asked her if she'd like to join the team to Alaska there were 2 spots left!! Like she might say no???
     Emily and the other 4 students left last Thursday for their week in Anchorage.  Unfortunately they lose 2 days just to travel as it takes almost 20 hours with connections and layovers to get there.   She has she been keeping us updated as she can... having forgotten more than once that we are 4 hours ahead of her :0(  Well she arrives in Mobile tomorrow at 4pm.  That is we hope.  Two  of her connections are only 20/30 minutes apart.  We had tried flying her home but the tickets were bought at a group rate and the fee to change Em's was just ridiculous.
   So Michael and I will head to Mobile tonight (about 6 hours or so)  Relax tomorrow get Em from the airport, stop at school quick and then head back to Florida.  I can't tell you how excited I am to see her, she left mid January to return to school so it has been 2 months.
  So I do apologize for this being one of those MOMMY BRAGS blogs but I am just sooo excited.  For those who think I may be pushing it I did absolutelu nothing today after not getting out of bed til 11 (did have a rough night).  SO I am well rested and we plan to make stops along the way!!
 WOO HOO we're going to get EM!!

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  1. You have good reason to be a PROUD MOMMA, Have fun, and enjoy your time together, just remember to take it easy!


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