March 3, 2011

Hump Day has a whole new meaning

So now, when I am sheltered from the outside world my laptop crashes.  I was able to get it back up but the Internet explorer is beyond revival....thank heavens for warranties and for us finally buying one.  So I can no longer lay in my air bed and spout words of brilliance at my leisure.  I am now connecting through the family lounge computer which I believe maybe running windows 98 and do I have to share....CHA!

So what to catch you up on these last two days.
I was hoping to impart some cute little factoid as to when we started calling Wednesday Hump-Day but after doing some serious research (OK that means 10 minutes on google, ask, wikki etc) no one seems to know.  But I can share this... the color for Wednesday is Green according to Thai solar calendar.  However here at Brooks Rehabilitation center Wednesday is not just the middle of the week with an end in sight.... oh no...Wednesday here is Suppository Day!!!!!!!!!
Now aren't you glad I shared that little piece of info. Seriously it is practice for all patients to participate in this happy experience. There is a reason for it but truly who cares we're talking suppositories!!  Thank You GOD  I sidelined that puppy.  But then I got to thinking oh no how am I going to escape this happiness next Wednesday??  Should I have Michael sneak in Ex-Lax brownies? Put Pepto-Bismal in a strawberry shake? 
Well I don't have to worry because I found out that my target release date is Wednesday.  That's right March 10th  Lady Bren is being paroled.  So in a way it is a sort of Hump Day.  I have been through the hard part and the rest is downhill. 
Downhill....have you seen those downhill racers at the Olympics?  Why is it assumed downhill is easy peasy?  Can't you just see me heading downhill with my walker and just tumbling head over heels...I sure can and there aren't any hills nearby for me to blame :0P
Now that my release date has been set my therapy goals are now more "survival" oriented.  How far can I walk with my walker... how to get in and out of the to clean house (no wait I don't do this so why waste time training) well as how to shower and dress.  I have to stop here and tell you how Hubby freaked over this one.  My Occupational Therapist is Dave.  It is Dave's job to get me comfortable with the small skill, laundry, and yes showering.  So when I told Hubby the plan for Friday is for me to learn how to shower and dress myself he was truly upset. He couldn't understand why MALE DAVE had to be the one to teach me how to shower and dress, don't they have female OT's for that.  Well I completely lost it!! He honestly thought Dave was going to help me IN the Shower and also completely DRESS AND UNDRESS.  Am I bad that I really took pleasure in his mild melt down hee hee hee.

I told my team of therapists... and we all knew one day it would take a team of therapists to help me..that I do not have to walk out of here on my own.  So the goal is for me to go home with a walker.  I will still have a lot of therapy ahead of me (again who is really surprised at this??) and I am just going to have to accept that while I have been blessed with recovering so quickly not everything will follow the same.  The biggest issue after walking is swallowing.  I am still on a soft mechanical diet. Think of the size of food you give a toddler starting to if I go out to lunch with any of you plan on cutting my soft food (happy happy joy joy) My left arm is getting stronger but still requires support.  I have worked the putty Dave gave me so much it is no longer vibrant yellow.  But I am able to bend my pointer and pinkie finger with tension (yeah they helped type today!) and today for the first time my middle finger touched my thumb and bore some tension while playing with clothespins.  I know you all want your own set of therapy clothespins..not happening kiddos.

Cane.  I can't believe I haven't told you about Cane.  Brooks' has 3 therapy dogs and the one on our floor is called Cane.  He was born during a Hurricane hence the name.  This dog has the best job in the world.  His entire goal in life is to make himself available for petting!! Seriously, he hangs out in the rehab room in his spot, which is practically in the middle of the floor.  He even has an employee ID tag.  He has got the old ladies wrapped around his finger... I saw one sneak him something today.  All you have to do is say "Cane come make a friend" and he is at your side.  He looks just like Pirate but a bit fuller~probably all those sneaked treats.  So I was wondering.  The Buddhist religion believes in rebirth. Rebirthing as an animal is a sign, for one usually evolves towards enlightenment. Therefore if one rebirths as an animal in their next life they are going in the wrong direction and need to learn lessons in the animal kingdom. Well with no disrespect towards anyone Buddhist, but if I rebirthed as a therapy dog in this hospital...I'm not complaining!!
Woo Hoo HumpDay = Release....count down with me only 6 days


  1. You are too funny, playing with Michael's head like that, I could just see him now!!
    I am so glad prayers were answered and you will be coming home soon.
    I used my walker and then cane, for a long time, but, I got myself around & got done what needed to be done! Best of luck!!!

  2. @Kimmy
    i read him the post last night and well he got busted b/c he said he had been reading them and then he heard that I wrote about that and wasn't all as entertained as I am LOL


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