March 5, 2011

It took rehab to prove my intelligence LOL

The word mensa means table.  In the Mensa organization the principle idea is intelligence is in every walk of life and is a great equalizer leaning towards round table discussions. 
While in college one of my poli sci professors had us take a intelligence test and a few of us scored high enough and became members of Mensa.  Now while I was in college I'll admit academics weren't my main interest.  I graduated with a degree in Vocal Performance (Opera) with a minors in Political Science and Business.  However my main interest was student government/student activities.  Outside of being President over the Residence Hall Organizations and serving on Parents' Day commitees and other similar activities many of my classmates would have been surprised at my IQ.  Therefore I am sure that my friends today would be even more troubled grasping that my IQ in 1985 was measured at 144.  However I am very proud to announce that I can once again hold my head tall and say I have documentation that I am fairly intelligent.

I told you I have a team of therapists (giggling is not necessary) and one of them is a Neuropsychologist.  He performed tests which can help determine which part of the brain is/was impaired by a stroke.  I really found it interesting that simple skill tests such as repetition, story recounting, copying of pictures, totalling numbers in your head and such can clue the doctors into what type of injury your brain sustained.  So we sat down Friday evening to discuss my results and he said (verbatum) you scored higher than anyone I have ever tested!! Take that my lovely teenage children who believe their mom is clueless (though I do believe this is a requirement of all 13-19 yr olds).  I have to admit I really believe that through all of my struggles over the years with memory and retention that my addiction to sudoko and other such math games paid off.  In fact one of the tests I had to do was use a code to match shapes to numbers....who hasn't played that game before.  In that test, which was timed, I filled in all but 6 boxes which is one of the highest he's seen, and the tests I scored lowest on were in the high average range (big smile here)

Ok the flip reality of this is while I am writing this blog Miss M and I are Facebooking each other line by line the words to a Phineas and Ferb song.  If you don't know who they are you either 1) have no children or 2) live under a rock.  The show is about 2 step-brothers and their pet platypus who everyday during summer vacation build something incredible.  We have all of the episodes on DVR with a Do Not Delete check on them.  I admit it I really love cartoons and I'm pretty confident that this love of Disney is a gift from my Dad.  For example : My friend Karen and I have seen Tangled twice, we only took Miss M once.  She and I both are planning to see Rango as soon as I get of rehab.  (Karen if you should read this I apologize for outing you I just wasn't going down alone~XOXO)

So what does this all mean:
In my now documented deep wisdom I believe it is important to richly develop your mind through brain training games and CARTOONS!!!!!  

Happy Platypus Day!!!
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4 days and counting
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