March 4, 2011

Rockin and Rollin

Well I am getting more mobile...kinda.  They have taken away my wheelchair and given me a walker.  Freedom yeah!! But here's the thing: I get so tired after a bit of walking is it really more freedom?  And how am I supposed to go downstairs and borrow a puzzle for my room if both my hands are on my walker...oh the tragedy of it all.  Honestly when they said they were taking the wheelchair away did I think YEAH one step closer to going home or YEAH my left leg is bearing some weight? NO~ my first thought and question was.....Can I now go to the bathroom by myself!!!!!!!!!!

Lunch was sooo weird today.  My Speech Therapist said she wanted to eat lunch with me to see how my swallowing was going.  What I didn't realize is that her idea of eating lunch with me and mine were polar opposites.  What happened is she sat so she could see the side of my face/throat and actually watched me eat.  She wasn't eating at all.  We discussed  bite sizes and swallowing techniques, which was all very helpful.  However I felt like a lab rat.  Every time I picked something up all I could picture in my mind was a group of lab techs with their white coats and clip boards hmmming and ohhing and taking notes:
  • Did you see her pick up that carrot, I wonder why she chose a carrot over the string bean?  
  • That piece of chicken took her 10.4 seconds to chew whereas the last was only 9.87 should we be worried? 
  • I'm not sure there was enough gravy on that bite.
She is really sweet but that was really weird.  How do you carry on a conversation when the person really doesn't want to talk with you but watch you eat?  Well hope my manners were up to par, though it is still weird eating right handed.

For those of you who really know me you are going to need to sit down before you continue reading.  I am serious SIT DOWN!  Hubby came to visit tonight and wound up crashing on my couch.  So what did I do to fill the time...Laundry.  And I have to tell you it is the first thing I have done is 2 weeks that has felt real which in turn felt good!  I know you are all falling over which is why I told you to sit down.  But you are going to love this.  I don't believe I am going to be able to do laundry at home for a while  (collective sigh please).  You see we have a front loader whose door opens to the left...into the doorway to the laundry room and this of course is right next to the dryer so transferring from one to another with a walker in this tight space is a logistical impossibility!! OH DARN...
Now I may be able to load the washer if someone puts the hamper high enough so I am not reaching to the ground to pull out the items.  I can however hang up and fold as that was my OT skill today.  OMG I discovered the coolest thing today.  I know why laundry can be so hum-drum.  We don't have personal cheer squads.  HUH?  Every time I buttoned a shirt or got something neatly on the hanger then onto the rack I got a "good-job" or "you're doing great" and when I finished, a true Woo-Hoo.  Imagine if you had a squad cheering you on while doing the Laundry??   This place is soo good for my self-esteem do I really want to leave Wednesday...CHA!!

I keep telling you that the world of Lady Bren rocks....Woo-Hoo   5 days and counting


  1. I will have to see if I can arrange for a laundry cheer squad whenever I do laundry!

  2. @Sam for a small price i believe I may be able to arrange that :0)


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