March 15, 2011

There were no cheerleaders :0(

     Do you ever over estimate what you can do?  Or think how hard can that be?? Only to be way off base!  That was my Sunday.  We planned on going to church coming home for lunch then Michael would drive the kids to Youth Quake Rehearsal and when that was done drop Meg at church for play rehearsal come home to get me and we'd all go to Beta.  SOOOO not what happened.  Having been out of the loop for 3 weeks I didn't know that there was a parenting seminar starting after church.  Em and I attended it this summer and I knew Michael would appreciate it.  (Science and Christianity and such).  Lunch was included so I thought well this just made our day easier we'll all head to YQL from here, Michael and I will just hang out at Panera's for the 2 hours and come back.  That doesn't sound very hard or taxing, now does it.  Unfortunately lunch was subs...still having trouble with bread and proteins and salad sooo yeah no.  We left church at 1 dropped the kids off a little before 2.  Headed to Panera but side tracked to Jason's deli where I picked apart a sandwhich and had a great soup.  We just hung out, got ready for the Beta class that night then got the kids.  Back to church (now it is 440)  Beta starts at 5 but by the time we park and I drag myself in it's almost time.  Dinner is included (not really hungry but our leader was so excited to see us and had our plates ready)  Again couldn't really eat much of it but made a showing.  Beta runs til 7pm.  So if you've kept up with this..... We left the house a little after 10 and we got home...close to 8!!  I could barely walk in the door I was so tired.  I did feel bad that Michael had to go back and get Patrick from Youth.
    SO Monday was the first day I've really been on my own.  I knew not to plan to overdo things.  Didn't matter I was so wiped from Sunday there wasn't a chance of much happening anyway.  I did figure out a few things on my own.... I always have a water bottle for whatever I want to drink..... I made lunch then put it in a tupperware container and tossed that onto the table....You really shouldn't eat out of the fridge just b/c you don't want to think about how in the world am I going to get this to the table (yeah made a rule of no more doing that LOL)
     Despite being tired I was determined to do something.....why not wash!  So I got the first load going and thought I'll get another load together.  I love throws on my couch and I KNOW they haven't been washed in 3+ weeks so got those together (did you know you can hang 8 of them on a walker and still maneuver it...9 just won't do).  We have a washer with a digital timer and I was basing my afternoon nap on when the first load was done and I could get the second load in.  I promise you I swear the washer ran an extra spin on purpose!!! Like I've mentioned previously I am pretty good at balancing which was helpful as my walker won't fit in the laundry room with both washer and dryer doors opened.  So ok first load transfered...second load in (love my washer as 8 throws fit!)  Nap time.....which meant Sherlock Holmes and Robert Downey Jr!! Sweet Dreams!!  Then I realized something just didn't seem right.  There were no cheerleaders!!  Just last week when I folded laundry or hung up a shirt I received accolades.....where were they today?????  IT just wasn't the same without the pep talks :0(
    I completely misfigured everything and wound up laying down a mere 30/40 minutes before michael came home... ie no nap.  I think I have discovered a new state of consciousness or lack there of.  I have noticed when I really get into sleep mode.  I mean really...your body's relaxed, the temp is just right, you have the pillows placed perfectly... into sleep mode. AND THEN you don't get to sleep??? I know we have all experienced this.  I believe our brains never fully give up.  No I'm serious.  I believe that our brains think if they just hold onto this notion of a nap that eventually it will convince the rest of our bodies to follow suit!  Don't you agree?  Now I know part of this is my constant companion CFS... or for those of you who haven't been formally introduced... Chronic Fatigue Syndrom.  But this is different.  All I could think about today was those days as kids when we'd fall asleep out back on the porch.  Or during breaks at SUNY Geneseo when everyone would study on blankets out on the Tundra and crash.  Those completely restful peaceful moments.... ohhh how I want to sleep like that.
   Well I never got my nap but i did finish a puzzle and had a wonderful dinner of BBQ Beans and Mac N Cheese.... I did eat a little of the BBQ Brisket tonight woo hoo.

    I still think my day would have been even better if I had a nap and Laundry Cheerleaders :0)
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