September 9, 2013

We Are Foster Parents

Our family just continues to grow.
Sometimes quite unexpectedly as with our newest member ~ Jodie
     I have assured our kids at different times that should the need ever arise and one of their friends needs a place to stay our door is always open.  Thankfully none of the kids had to take us up on that offer.  I was however a bit surprised when Hubby's friend Paul asked if we could help him out.
Meet Jodie Foster ~ admit it you just love the name.

    Jodie is a Black Sex Link (who makes up these names) hen.  She was one of three that were won at the County Fair.  Paul explained that they lost one chick early on and with the discovery that another was lost during the night to a predator his wife said NO MORE. She wasn't thrilled about the chicks in the first place and seeing the yard covered in feathers that morning sealed the deal.
     We've been trying to integrate Jodie with the Flock.  They're not too psyched about this at all.  Bambi and Fred are the meanest without a doubt. Though currently Fred right now is pissing most of the flock off with his non-Casanova-like advances.  Jodie seems to be enjoying the concept of Free-Range Life.  Her favorite place to hang out is on the ledge of the trampoline.  She's gotten used to Treasure and Mutiny, who also needed a bit of encouraging to accept her.  
     Jodie has one issue we're not sure how to handle.  We think that maybe when the new coop/run is completed she'll be okay.  For the first few nights we had Jodie sleeping in the small coop on her own.  The first night we tried adding her to the large coop was traumatic, even for us.  Bambi and Fred just wouldn't leave her alone.  We could hear the raucous inside the house.  When we went out to see what was happening Bambi was sitting on top of her and pecking non-stop.  We got poor Jodie out of there and put her back in the little coop for the night.  The next night we went outside to lock everyone in only to discover Jodie was missing!! Very confident that she wasn't the victim of an attack we searched everywhere imaginable.  We even took Treasure with us to search the vacant house behind us.  NO LUCK.  After an hour of searching we hung our heads and gave up.
     Imagine our surprise the next morning when we step outside and see Jodie sitting ON TOP of the coop.  We had no clue where she spent the night we were just happy she was home.  That night we were sitting outside at dusk and we noticed Jodie on top of the coop.  We then watched her hop onto the picket fence, then into the tree where she continued "climbing" until she was right over the gate to the coop.  
JODIE sleeps in the tree!! Every night, rain or shine, Jodie is on her perch.  One night she had Seminole for company, which I was not happy about. Seminole thankfully prefers the coop to the tree so that slumber party is officially over

So now our flock is 7 strong with three regular egg layers.  And yes we're adoptive/foster parents. 
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  1. Awww Jodie is a cutie! My hens are just Brown hens. Their names are Tikka and Fajita ;)


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