September 23, 2013

You've Got Mail #Hallmark

     Outside of Christmas Cards and maybe your birthday when was the last time there was a pretty envelope sitting in your mailbox? Remember the days of getting a card from a friend just to say hi! Well I am part of a campaign to bring those mailbox smiles back.
     I am participating in Hallmark's Get Carded 7-Card Challenge. I received a package of 10 cards and stamps. For the next 7 days I will be mailing cards out hoping to deliver smiles at the mailbox.
     I've blogged before how much I miss hand written notes and how sad it makes me to receive computer generated Christmas newsletters without as much as a signature. I love how the older generations held onto letters. Sure I'm romanticizing it but the idea of having a packet of letters tied up in a ribbon, hidden away from others makes my heart skip a beat.  
     Do you have all of the cards you've received over the years?  I wish I had been better about keeping all of the birthday cards for my crew. Last ye  I do have all of my wedding cards in a shoe box somewhere. I believe I even have some of the Mother's Day cards where Hubby traced their hands.  I doubt Hubby has any as men never think about those things, wish I had kept some for him. 
     What about Christmas cards, what do you do with them? It always bothers me throwing cards away after the Holidays so I'm not doing it anymore.  Last year I found a beautiful storage book/box with a Vintage Santa on it.  I've put all of the cards from Christmas in it. I plan on buying one every year to store new cards.  Then each year I can put the books out as decorations.
     I was just thinking how cards bookend our lives.  Chances are our parents received congratulatory cards when they announced they were pregnant or at a shower.  Then our children and loved ones will receive condolence cards after our passing. OK that was a bit deep but true just the same.
    So why don't you join me in sending a smile to some one's mailbox. Hallmark has even given me a discount code to share with you. Head to and use the code BLOG30 to buy cards for 30% off! Did you know you can personalize and add pictures to cards on their site, I didn't.  They will even mail the cards for you. If you're a blogger and would like to participate in this promotion let me know and I'll send you the link.  Not sure who to send a card to~ I can solve that as my big 5-0 is just around the corner :)
 In the next few days 7 of my friends will be discovering that they've got mail.



  1. I miss getting personal, pretty post too!

    1. Being a blogger you can participate in this promotion~let me know

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