September 21, 2013

Hurry to the Movies NOW #wizardofoz3d

In celebration of its 75th Anniversary Warner Brothers is releasing a digitally remastered Wizard of Oz in 3D only in IMAX theatres for one week, September 20-September 26th.
If you have ever remotely enjoyed see Dorothy and her friends in the land of Oz you must see this version.
Image property of WB and IMAX
 Hubby is a bit obsessive when it comes to this movie.  We were playing the movie so frequently that is has now been limited to his birthday only.  He knows every "movie flub", every bit of history.  We have collectibles, signed paraphernalia and I sometimes wonder if the reason he agreed to naming our oldest daughter Em had more to do with the movie than my Great Aunt. 
Seeing this beloved movie on a big screen is a completely new experience.  Unless you have a home theatre, which we most certainly don't, the largest we've ever see Toto is on our TV.  Between the 3D and IMAX experience you truly feel as if you've travelled over the Rainbow. 
I never saw the oil run down the Tin Man's face or noticed Dorothy's freckles before.  All of the little details of Munchkinland stand out.  
October 1st Warner Brothers is releasing the new remastered version, which will be available for the first time on Blu-Ray.  I was very pleased to discover that  WB has partnered with Habitat for Humanity and created the There's No Place Like Home donation drive.  
 As someone who only goes to the movies when the tickets are $5 paying IMAX prices is not something I normally do HOWEVER I implore you spend the money and see the Wizard of Oz in this incredible format so you can sing:
We're off to see the Wizard  
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