September 27, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday #weightwatchers September 27th

After weeks of frustration I turned to my glorious leader June for advice. 
I also have some incredible people for you to check out. 
And oh yeah ~ I have a new bead!!
     I have been trying very hard to not look at my weight each week.  However I could tell that nothing had been happening for almost the last 4/5 weeks.  During that time I learned about my thyroid and started new meds.  I'll be honest I was expecting to see the scale respond quite positively with the introduction of my thyroid medicine, when the exact opposite has been occurring.  In addition, and I'll put this as gently as possible, things haven't been moving as they should and the pharmacist said this isn't uncommon. UGGHHH sure just what I need my body working against me in another way ~ happy happy joy joy.  I'm keeping track of things, adding an over the shelf daily supplement for 2 more weeks before returning to the doctor to see if we need to change the dose of my meds.  
     But just in case this entire plateau isn't just medically related I arranged with June to have her look at my Food Tracker, which I am a bit obsessive about.  The timing worked out quite well as tonight's meeting was about the 8 nutritional goals we should be trying to hit every day.  Which I HAVE NOT BEEN DOING.  While I always get in my fruit/veggie as well as dairy and liquids I really slack in the other areas.  So let's address them:
  • Oil~ we should be having 2t of healthy oil every day and you CANNOT count your salad dressing.  SAY WHAT??? What June does is add her oil to her large lunch salad before her dressing.  One of the health benefits of having the oil everyday is it helps keeps your digestion moving (definitely paying attention to this one)
  • Vitamins ~ I'm just really bad at this even being a Melaleuca member, which is their big thing.
  • Grains~ Whole Grains, outside of Whole Wheat Bread I don't like most of the other healthier grains, especially Brown Rice.
  • Protein ~ I used to be really good about getting 2 servings a day and have slacked outside of dinner.  With all the eggs I'm getting these days you'd think I would have the protein issue covered.
  • Limit Salt/Sugar/Alcohol~ Outside of almost no alcohol I really don't pay too much attention to the salt and sugar.  The only sugar I have are my Publix Cookies which are going to disappear for a while; I've even told Hubby he may not bring any home anymore.
June patiently read through my two weeks of tracking and shared the following:
While I am not going over my daily points on a regular basis I am consistently using half my points on carbs. The amount of fruit and veggies are great but I should be filling up with more protein.   So for this upcoming week I am going to focus on eating Power Foods (the ones with the green triangle) and try the Simply Filling approach.  Though last night we ate at an Italian Restaurant, so not the best start.

     Onto wonderful news ~ I have a new bead on my Pandora Bracelet. No I haven't lost 75 pounds but my dear friend Abbe was so proud of my hitting 60 pounds she insisted on buying me a charm,  The picture just doesn't do it any justice.  I am so blessed to have such a generous and supportive friend ~Love You Abbe!!

I do not have any great new food finds to share with you today HOWEVER I do have new discoveries that I think you'll enjoy.  I've been playing around on Twitter a bit this past week, not something I usually do.  I have to admit I'm not a frequent user beyond sending out blog alerts and pinterest shares.  What I discovered is that I truly have not been taking advantage of all that Twitter has to offer.  I started doing searches using #weightwatchers and wound up stumbling into an incredible community of support.  Some people post every meal (OK a bit much for my taste but it keeps them accountable so power to them).  Many people share what happened at the scale this week, both the good and the bad.  You can find links to recipes, blogs that share people's journeys as well as people cheering and encouraging each other on.  
You can use this button to find me on Twitter   I also recommend checking out the following people as well:

@IrishEyes1982 ~ she's lost over 80lbs is a WW leader who shares great stuff
@FrmFat2FitChick ~ she's lost over 200lbs and is now a personal trainer
@SpaGano88 ~ he's lost over 350lbs since Jan 2012
and my favorite:
+thedailymel  ~ in addition to her own blog The Daily Mel she also produces the Weight Watchers Daily where she shares articles from across the web related to Weight Watchers.  On top of that she is also a contributing writer for The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans,

I am trying to be more of a presence on Twitter especially with the #weightwatchers community.  If you decide to join us please be sure to send me a shout out.

I wasn't sure if I was going to share this but here it goes, I'm a bit stressed about next week.  You see my 50th birthday is Tuesday and my sweet family wants to have cake and such.  On top of that we're going out to dinner Thursday night.  Then the following weekend Hubby and I are returning to Victoria and Albert's *read about our last visit as well as attending the Food and Wine Festival at Disney.  Staying on program to maintain never mind trying to lose weight is not going to be easy!!!
Until next week
Be Glorious!!
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