September 17, 2013

The Ducks Have Officially Taken Over #duckdynasty

    If you had told me 4 years ago when I sent my Opera singing, sports hating daughter to Alabama for college she'd be in love with camo and these guys with beards I would have tested you for drugs.  If onto top of that you said my entire family would follow her and love Duck Dynasty I would have committed you on the spot.
     I'll never forget the day Em sent us the picture of her in camo. I immediately called to see what in the world she was doing and what was a duck party? It sounded like some weird thing she was doing while spending time with her roommate's family, little did we know. 
Last week Meg's school decided that for the football game they were going to dress up in Duck Dynasty/Camo.  What makes this even better is that her "Yuppie" school was playing a "Red Neck" school.  It was incredible to see students and family alike coming out of a game in camo rather than school colors. 
   How is it that this proud red-neck family is taking the country by storm? I think the answer is simply we long for a real family to embrace.  The Robertson family and their company, Duck Commander, are the basis of the TV show Ducky Dynasty.  Phil Robertson started making Duck Calls in 1972 out of his house.  His son Willie took over the business in 2002 when Phil was a sought after speaker around the country. Today the company is worth millions.  The amount of Reality shows that are creating celebrities out of ordinary people who lie, cheat and treat each other horribly are filling the air waves so when one comes along that shows people who believe that faith and family are the most important things in life it is such a novelty we cling to it as a family.  Unlike other shows where the Moms are hooked Duck Dynasty has families watching TV together.  
     I'm not sure how anyone cannot be aware of the Robertson family because are everywhere. They have books, DVDs, T-Shirts,  even school supplies and that is on top of their sports lines.  Last week during NY Fashion week Sadie Robertson, daughter of CEO Willie Robertson, modeled her new prom dress line that she created with designer Sherri Hill; all of the dresses are "Daddy approved". They're sponsoring 5K races called Duck Dash with Shriner's Hospitals receiving a portion of every entry.  Their 4 Day Robertson Family Reunion Cruise for the Summer of 2014 has sold out. 
      While remaining true to their roots the Robertson family have achieved the American Dream.  I think above all that is what we long for in America. They are a reminder that hard work, perseverance and devotion to family are the core of success. It certainly doesn't hurt to have men with long beards, a crazy uncle and cute kids running around as well.
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