September 13, 2013

Losing Weight Loving Food Friday September 13th

Well it has been one of those weeks.
♚Had to visit the local Vampire Den♚ Tried some new recipes♚
♚Couldn't get motivated♚Weighed in♚
Warning:This post has numerous Rabbit Trails.
Last week I went to the Doctor and he ordered blood work, the fasting kind of course.
Trail #1 There are some jobs that really don't have learning curves once you "graduate".  Teachers, Ministers, Accountants these people have acceptable learning curves.  Stylists, Crane Operators and Phlebotomists do not.  Hairstylists need to know what they're doing before they scissors near any one's head, not to mention coloring agents. Hair does grow back but not quick enough to cover "OOPS".  Crane operators are another group of people that really need to be near perfect upon graduation. "OOPS sorry I dropped that beam on your car doesn't work".   Phlebotomists are the ultimate people who cannot be let loose until they completed intensive training before wielding needles near strangers' arms.  I noticed Monday while staring at the wall in the tiny cubicle of Dracula's mistress that her certificate of completion didn't have a date on it.  I then realized DUH of course not~ how uncomfortable would you be if that certificate's date was last month??? I think the test they have to pass is drawing blood on friends and family members.  Also I think they should be able to apply a bandage that doesn't leave a bruise after being on for only 10 minutes.
So having fasted and surviving my encounter with Dracula's great-granddaughter, I was hungry. ALL DAY HUNGRY. The salad I had at lunch just didn't do it.  Yes my stomach was no longer growling but I really wanted rich, savory food. Meatless Mondays are rough when all you can think about are subs, burgers and chicken wings.  So I flipped up my schedule and we had Pasta on Monday ~  they were vegetarian so I did good there.
Trail #2   I wasn't up to making my sauce and we've noticed that the raviolis have such great flavor themselves that we don't want a heavy sauce.  As you know I love balsamic vinegar. I discovered the best ravioli sauce that takes just a few minutes after you boil the ravioli.  I changed up things just a bit, but don't we all do that from time to time.  I used 3 packages of Trader Joe Ravioli's and only used 3-4 T of butter so it was much more WW friendly. I cooked each package separately. As the ravioli was bubbling to the surface I melted 1 Tablespoon of butter over medium and let it turn brown.  I then added the cooked and drained ravioli to the pan. After just a minute or so I turned them.  They had a slight sheen to them and the parts that touched the pan were definitely tanned. After less than a minute it was obvious that most of the butter was gone I added a drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar, enough so everything was covered but the raviolis weren't swimming. One or two good flips of the pan and ta-da they were done.  We loved the Roasted Squash Trangioli before but now I think we've moved onto obsessed.  For the Artichoke Raviolis I added a few sprinkles of Romano cheese to the mix, another party happened in my mouth while I ate them.
So having the Pasta on Monday really threw my week off. Tuesday night we had a French Toast Frenzy (which meant more complex carbs for dinner). Wednesday I spent the better part of the day in bed completely wiped out ~ maybe it was a complex carb coma condition who knows. I really couldn't get my body out of the haze it was in.  Thank heavens we had our regular salad for dinner, but I used bottled dressing so you know I was out of it.   Thursday started off right where Wednesday left off, me nestled in my room trying to clear the fog. I was chilling until it was time for my appointment with Murren when I received an interesting phone call. 
Trail #3 Most people are less than thrilled when they receive a call from their doctor telling them their blood work came back AND....  Not me.  I shared last week how horrible I've been feeling, which was the reason behind the blood work.  My tests revealed that I have a hyperactive thyroid (Dr Oz explains it great and has 3 at home tests you can do).  Turns out the fact that I was able to lose weight, especially 60 pounds, with an uncooperative thyroid is quite impressive.  The symptoms of Hypothyroidism include fatigue, muscle aches and Weight GAIN. I am already living with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia so hey why not add a thyroid issue as well.  Stress can be a contributing factor in your thyroid's performance and we all know what a great couple of years I've had.  So tomorrow I start taking Levothyroxenne.
Normally on Thursdays I stick to eating fruits and veggies after having some protein for breakfast.  Well it was as if I forgot I had to weigh-in because I consumed a PBJ sandwich, had a handful of Tootsie Roll Minis, a white chocolate chip cookie and some salted cashews on top of the large bowl of grapes I had for breakfast.  I was definitely off my game.  Since I hit 60 pounds last month I could tell the scale wasn't moving.  It didn't matter if I stayed within my points or not, I couldn't feel anything good happening.  Maybe this plateau has had more of a chemical basis over my inability to get things happening.  
Once again I didn't look at my number tonight at WW but I didn't receive a 5 pound star so I've got some work ahead of me.  I also seem to have found a new, rather a revival of focus.  I might be setting myself up but I'm hoping between my continued efforts and new medicine the next 5 pound star won't be so far away.

I've also added a goal that I want to have lost 63 pounds by my 50th birthday next month,
you know since I was born in 1963

Hope you enjoyed the Rabbit Trails ~ Told you I was a bit unfocused!!
Until next week
Always be Glorious♚
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