September 6, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday ~ Pizza Dough Recipe #weightwatchers

That's right this week's post has a new Pizza Dough Recipe.  I also have a revelation to share so let's just dive on into it~It has been just about a month now since I stopped looking at my weight every Thursday.  I'll be honest it is quite harder than I thought it would be.  For example last week was a BAD week.  I learned that I still turn to food for comfort more than I'd like to admit especially when I don't feel well.  I am pretty confident that I gained but have no clue how much.  
I've also been struggling with food cravings more than ever before.  I really want a sub slathered with mayonnaise and extra cheese.  I drool over the thought of a bowl filled with rich, thick Macaroni and Cheese.  I have been craving Double Stuffed Oreos ~ and I don't mean one or two.  I especially would love to go to Buffalo Wild Wings order dripping wet Wings, dip them in Bleu Cheese and toss back more than one Long Island Iced Tea.  
Being on Weight Watchers means I can do all of those things.  My problem is I want them all concurrently!!  I know that I am not ever supposed to feel as if I am depriving myself of anything. Let's face it when we start saying "I can't have that" we want it all the more.  I eat my full points every day so it isn't as if I am going hungry.  I need to shake things up a bit I guess.  
I know I'm not the only one dragging food demons around ~ how are you dealing with yours??
On the good side I had a doctor's appointment today and not only was he pleased with my weight loss my blood pressure dropped over 10 points, mind you it wasn't high to begin with but the drop is glorious just the same 

One thing I have been able to cope with is my need for Pizza.  First off a "real" slice of Pizza is only 5 PointsPlus so anyone can realistically fit a slice in whenever they feel the need.  Heck two slices are 10 points and if it's good pizza then it is worth taking a chunk out of your daily allotment.  
We love making Pizza at home.  For a while we were buying dough at the store and then just started making it our selves.  When you have all that Pizza lying around stopping at 2 slices really isn't easy.  On top of that not everyone has the time to make dough....
Do I have a solution for you!!
The recipe only involves two ingredients:
1 cup Flour
That's it! Seriously that is all you need.  Now I did add Italian seasoning to my dough, but you don't have to.
Dump your cup of flour on your work surface (I suggest a cutting mat) and form a well in the middle.  Add the Yogurt (and spices if you want) in the well and start blending in the flour.  This is a very very wet dough.  I used a fork until it all started coming together then finished with my hands.  Work your dough into a ball then divide in half. 
Cover the dough with a piece of parchment paper then using a rolling pin start working the dough to your desired thickness.  Unlike regular pizza dough which rises while baking this dough is going to be pretty much exactly the same from start to finish.  I advise going thin as the thicker dough didn't cook as well.  When you've reached your desired size and thickness flip everything over so the parchment paper is on the bottom.  Using a offset spatula or a pastry board scraper separate the mat from the dough.  Transfer both the dough and parchment paper onto a cookie sheet. Repeat process with second half of dough.  I could only fit one pizza on a cookie sheet. 
Cook dough in 350 oven for 25-30 minutes.  I checked my dough every 10 minutes and flipped the dough so both sides were crispy.
Remove the dough, add your toppings and bake until you've got PIZZA.
Before toppings each Pizza (ours were about 8" round) is only 7 POINTS
You can make a great Veggie Pizza for 7 points!!
Add 1/4 cup of Shredded Cheese and you're only up to 10 points ~ And that's if you eat the entire thing (which we did).
Big Thank You to my ever glorious WW leader June for sharing this recipe ~ and she gives credit to another leader Sal.  This is why I love attending meetings!!
So try Sal's Pizza Dough and let me know what you think.

Until next week
Always Be Glorious
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