December 30, 2012

2012 a Year in Review

     I always think that these type of posts are so similar to the letters you receive in holiday cards.  OOooo we did this, we went there and look how incredible my kids are. Yea not so much.  What I thought I would do is actually just look back through the year at what it really was...  an incredible roller coaster ride.  FYI Stroke survivors aren't supposed to ride roller coasters.

   2012 Favorites
BookThe Mephisto Club by Tess Gerriston.  Published in 2007 this is the first book I read by the creator of the Rizzoli and Isles characters that the TNT TV show is based on.  The book hit all my literary favorites~ historical fiction, thriller, politics and strong female characters.
Author ~ Phillippa Gregory She's been my favorite for a while and her 2012 release of The Kingmaker's Daughter didn't disappoint.
TV Show ~  Newsroom on HBO Wish there were real news programs like this
YouTube Video ~  Carol of the Bells  of course I picked one with my daughter in it
Website ~  Pinterest Spent WAY too many hours here
Way to embarrass the kids ~ Dance to Call Me Maybe in the car
Movies... I had to break this into categories as they are all so different

Crocheting ~ I really enjoy this  & wish I had spent more time on it. Looking forward to learning more stitches in the new year
Flavored Vodka ~ Oh my heavens the things you can do with this!!
Cupcakes ~ Yes I've made cupcakes before but oh the things I made this year
Fondant ~ So easy to make with marshmallow
Bok Choy ~ never had it before and now a favorite
Gel Nail polish ~ love it but hate what it does to my nails
Pedicures ~ why did I wait so long to have one?
Harry and David ~ my new favorite chocolates especially any thing they do with fruit

Life Changes
Weight Watchers ~ lost over 30 pounds with many more to go
Patrick's Graduation ~ pretty much says it all
Em's Summer job ~ so weird not having her home for the summer
Chickens ~ never ever thought I would own chickens or be so entertained
Meg ~ only having one kid in high school was really strange
1/1/1 ~ one kid in high school/1 kid away at school/ 1 kid at home but working and going to school
Friends ~ surprised at not only who was there but who wasn't 

It seems as if 2012 was marked by so many tragedies.  Innocence and strongholds of our sense of safety have been stolen.  Who would ever imagine attending a movie premiere, shopping at the mall or sending your child off to school could end in tragedy?  What we have to hold onto is the incredible way strangers flood to the aid of those in need in a moments notice.  That there are heroes among us not only wearing uniforms but in t-shirts and jeans.  Despite the many differences that separate us the sense of  hurt, hope and healing bind us all.  Whether you voted red or blue in the presidential election you supported the Sandy recovery efforts because you're American first and foremost. Regardless of what country you call home and cheered for during the Olympics we were all amazed when Oscar Pistorius from South Africa qualified for the 400-meter semi-finals running on artificial legs.  We each get to decide what we'll take away from 2012.

Remember this ~
The Mayans had it all wrong!!!


  1. Of all the End-of-Year posts, this is my favorite, hands down. You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for making a jaded cynic remember that there is humanity & decency to be found in even the worst of situations. Happy New Year --- here's hoping 2013 is more of a stroll for you than a jostling ride!

  2. Well said! I love reading your blog and wish I was as eloquent!

  3. Dear Andi and NLG

    I'm so glad you enjoyed this post. It surprised me how easily the words actually came they're usually a struggle.

    Here's to a glorious 2013


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