December 27, 2012

The Holidays' Three R's

Wrapping~ Relatives ~Religion
 Now before anyone gets their panties in a know and fusses that Wrapping starts with W and not R I remind you to think about the three R's of education Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  OK moving on...
     Could you imagine this season without any of the three?  I recently read an article that compares the season to a Three Ring Circus.  I have to agree sometimes it gets crazy enough that you would think Barnum himself was behind it all.
     The entire concept of gifts and wrapping truly changes as your family grows.  We've tried very hard over the years to remain within a budget for our gifts.  The hard thing about that is as the kids get older their "toys" get more expensive which results in less items being under the tree.  I am all for quality verses quantity but let's face it a tree surrounded by beautifully decorated gifts stacked and stuffed under it makes for a very beautiful "picturesque" Christmas Morning.  That is my hang up an I know it.  I've been able to supplement the bounty of gifts in the past years by incorporating decorated boxes under the tree.  It has gotten to the point where I would much rather have the tree skirt filled with these coordinated boxes and gift bags than wrapped presents, my family isn't quite there yet.  This year we are including a visit to Disney as part of Christmas.  I love the commercials currently playing where the kids open up a present representing the family's trip to Disney.  WELL you can't do that when the kids are older either.  There's schedules, jobs and other things pulling them 14 different ways that you have to consider when planning the trip so that joyous moment won't be happening~ that's not to say they aren't extremely psyched about our trip.  My one hold back in all of this is that my wrapping has a theme at least SNOWMEN!!! 

     Not having any immediate family in the area we truly do not struggle with this.  We don't have families pulling us in different directions.  None of my kids are in serious relationship that have requirements on their times.  The flip is we don't have any of that.  I know there are times my kids wish that there were cousins to spend the day with and let's be honest there's also be more gifts to open and what kid wouldn't enjoy that.  The little family we do have are scattered across the country and not everyone celebrates the holidays.  I'll admit there are times when I am a bit jealous of hearing friends prepping for the invasion of family.  Then there are times when I completely enjoy knowing that the day is ours to spend however we like.  A few years ago we started going to the movies on Christmas Day.  Thanks to my wonderful gadget filled oven dinner is just about finished as we walk in the door.  This year we'll be seeing The Hobbit and possibly making it a double header with Les Mis.

     Let's face it without religion we wouldn't even have a holiday season, I bet Atheists can't even argue with that one.  Whether or not you believe God sustained the oil in the temple, or a child was born of a virgin the entire concept of the holiday season was created due to the belief of/in God.  I've learned how Atheists are currently moving to celebrate Krismas rather than Christmas.  They are focusing on the myth of Kris Kringle, Rudolph and others ~ someone needs to point out that Santa Claus aka Kris Kringle is based on Saint Nicholas so try as they might the religious roots are there.  Regardless of what, how, where or how you believe the over riding sentiment of every religion is peace.  If we could just remember that the season is not only for giving but also forgiving.

 So dear friends from my heart to yours I wish you a happy, healthy, glorious Holiday Season


  1. I love the holiday season, for all the reasons you mentioned. I'm not particularly religious myself, but I can certainly appreciate the seasonal reminder to practice & enforce love, peace, forgiveness, & hope. These should be universal ideals for all humans, regardless of their personal beliefs. Whether or not I believe in the divinity of Christ, I absolutely respect his teachings. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, & that your New Years rings in brightly! :)

  2. Thanks Andi Hope your new year is royally glorious as well :)


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