June 20, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday June 21st

So the big question of the week is ~ Did I reach my goal of losing 52 pounds in my first year of WW?    Plus this week I did something a bit scary, which I am hoping will not backfire on me.  On top of that I have the yummiest recipe that I've been dying to share with you.  Lots to share this week.....

Well I am XXXX to report that I XXXX my goal of 52 pounds according to last night's weigh in I have lost 5 pounds this last year.  You know what I am really really proud of that number.  Could it have been better? Of course.  BUT it could also have been smaller or heavens forbid I could have completely thrown in the towel back in October when life got incredibly overwhelming.  So I am going to embrace my 5 pounds and move onward.         
     Last week I forgot to share with you a picture of my 50 pound charm.  It really stands out so hopefully in my moments of weakness it will inspire me, of course I'll need to start wearing my bracelet more often :)

     I did something the other day that can't be undone and now I'm scared to death that it was a huge mistake.  I would guess if you're someone who has had any weight issues in your life there are at least 3 different sizes of clothes hanging in your closer.  Most are the size you're currently wearing.  There's a few favorites that are a bit too small but you just refuse to believe you'll never fit in again.  Finally there's those outfits that are a size larger than you wear.  Maybe they're left over from the last bit of baby weight you had to lose.  Or maybe, you've lost weight and they're just too big.  Not just a little but seriously too big.  I'm talking the boys on the corner would be proud of how your pants are sagging big.  The reality is outside of 6 pieces of clothing I haven't bought anything new since I decided to become healthier.  Only 2 of those pieces were brand new the rest were Reshop finds.  
     You're probably guessing by now that I cleared out EVERYTHING that was too big, save one pair of jeans (that's only because I don't want to buy another pair).  The sad part is I had clothes from when I weighed my current a couple of years ago so no I am not headed out on a wardrobe shopping spree.  But if I'm honest I probably wore some of those pieces a bit longer than I should have.  However it does feel great to wear a shirt and have the sleeves hang loose instead of hugging my arms. By the way when I say cleared out I don't mean they're sitting in a storage tote in the attic.  Nope I gave them to a friend at Weight Watchers.  I know she won't need them for long she's doing so well.
     I am not looking to be a downer or negative Nellie but let's be real I've played yo-yo with my weight before.  I am terrified that either stress or some life issue is going to creep into my world and right onto my hips.  I don't have a safety net of clothes to land on.  Anything with more than 2X's are gone.  Did I just get ahead of myself?  What was I thinking?  Do you know how hard it is to find my size at the reshop stores?  Minor panic attack, but I'm not reaching for the chocolate (this time).
     I am really excited to share a new recipe with you that came from our leader, June.  It is just wonderful, easy and a breakfast food as well!!  I have to admit when June shared this recipe I was a bit skeptic.  I am not a big fan of cooking food in the microwave, warming up OK; but actually cooking fresh food in the microwave that doesn't happen very often.  I lucked out getting 5 gorgeous yellow peppers at the Farmer's Market for only $2 so I figured why not give it a go. 
OK super simple:
  • Cut off top of pepper, as close to the top as possible but enough so you'll have a lid to put back on
  • Scrape out seeds and fleshy ridges
  • Meat (cooked)~I used 1 strip of Bacon
  • Veggies next ~ Spinach, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Onions were our choice
  • 1 Beaten Egg w/S&P ~ even if you think 2 will fit don't do it TRUST me
  • 1 T shredded cheese
  • replace lid
  • cook in microwave for 5 minutes
Using REAL bacon this came to 4 POINTS so you know we each had two for dinner and we were full! No bread or muffins needed.

HINT: I stood my peppers in ramekins, as you can see, so they didn't wobble and I didn't have to worry about anything leaking through the bottom.

Well Lovies, that's quite a bit of life I've thrown at you today.  My year's goal results, my drastic leap of faith and a recipe.  I hope you'll grab onto something and share how it's gone with you.
Until next week's Losing Fat Loving Food Friday~
Always Be Glorious

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