June 11, 2013

How does your garden grow?

We had such high expectations when we started our garden earlier this year.  I'll admit is hasn't gone as well as expected but we are having some results.  We're trying some new things as well.

     I am a bit disappointed with my current results.  I thought we'd be dining on fresh veggies every night and canning all of the extras.  It seems I'm always behind every year no matter how early I start, probably because I lose my first plantings.  That's what happened once again this year.  
     I can't really complain.  Our blueberries are wonderful, we even had fresh blueberry pancakes for breakfast the other morning.  Of course when I went out to take pictures, the bushes had been picked for the day so you are going to have to take my word on that one.
     As you know I love Pinterest  and I wanted to show you one of My Mini Urban Farm projects.  We used 16' Cattle Fencing with cinder blocks.  That's beans and melons growing up.  Once it reaches the top I'll show you a complete view.  Another project we're a bit behind on completing is the Tomato Fence but as you can see the tomatoes are growing wonderfully.  
     We are trying a new variety of vegetable  that I am really excited about.  The first batch didn't make it past seedlings, I am giving this batch special attention.  Should it be successful I'll share but until then consider it a future surprise.  
     The top picture is our transplanted Sweet Potatoes that we mainly grow as ground cover.  They're doing very nice,  I just love their leaves.

    One crop that has been very successful is our onions, I can't wait to grow even more come the fall.  I'm interested in the idea of replanting the tops and bottoms that I've been reading about.  The other truly wonderful garden item are our sunflowers. 
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