February 28, 2019

Lady and The Brain: New Year, New Chemo, Now What?

The Holiday Season at our house wasn't the brightest.  Sharing the updated news on The Brain's Tumor and waiting for information on his new Chemo definitely brought down the merry factor. We entered the New Year with high hopes and just as high-stress levels.  

February 21, 2019

Lady and The Brain: All's Good Until..Merry Christmas

We were settling into a new routine: 5 days of Oral Chemo every month with an MRI every three.
We planned dinner, weekly outings and even our annual trip to Epcot's Food and Wine Festival around this schedule.  It was working ~ until the headaches.  

February 7, 2019

Lady and The Brain: 6 Weeks of Radiation ~ Now What?

May 11th ~ the final day of Radiation.  Okay great, now what?
I think we were more anxious at this point than when we started.
Quick housekeeping info: 
I've recently learned about
 So, all future  Lady and The Brain posts will be published on Thursdays.

February 4, 2019

January Movies Part 2

I've seen 2 more movies since my last January post.  I actually thought I'd see more .
BumbleBee, The Boy Who Would Be King