June 14, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday, June 14th

      Summer has officially hit and I've officially hibernated.  It was so hot and humid this week I was barely outside at all.  Going to have to change that if I want to keep the scales heading on a downward slope.

     Well despite my limited movement this week the scale did creep in the proper direction this week.  Granted it was only .6 pounds but it is so much better than having the scale move even .1 in the wrong direction. 
     I was so excited about the support I received after announcing my 50 pound weight loss last week.  One of my friends responded with the most interesting perspective; just think Bren you've lost the equivalent of a first grader. ~God how I love Allison.  Unfortunately I didn't have any first graders around that I could pick up however I did have a bag of garden dirt, a 50lb bag.  Let me just say DANG!! When was the last time you picked up 50 pounds??      Research has proven that for each pound you lose you are reducing the equivalent of 4 pounds off of your knees.  So 50 pounds ladies and gents removed 200 pounds of pressure off of my knees.  Fortunately I haven't had any knee issues but I know future, older me will be very happy with this turn of events.  
     As you can see I completed my Goal Charm Jar.  It turned out a little more sparkly than I intended but I am happy with it just the same.  I decided that each week when I add money to the jar I am going to enclose it in a strip of paper with the date and how much I lost.  This way when I reach my goal of 25 pounds I'll actually get to go back and "relive" each step along the way.  By the way ~ don't you just love the crown on the lid surrounded by my stepping stone beads.
Last week at WW we were encouraged to eat Breakfast every morning.  While I absolutely love Breakfast foods I HATE HATE eating early in the morning.  I think I was successful only 4 out of 7 days, even then what I ate wouldn't satisfy most people.
     According to Dr. Oz, from when he partnered with WW a few years ago, you should aim to digest 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up.  Now that really isn't as difficult as it sounds.  You could have a cup of Greek Yogurt, a protein shake made with milk, and 2 eggs.  Yea, I'm not feeling that either.   Last night two women who were not big breakfast eaters both reported significant weight loss after striving towards this goal.  One admitted she couldn't eat all of that at once.  She had her shake (a WW flavor ~ remember I told you they sold things at the meeting you can't buy in supermarkets) within 30 minutes of waking up.  Then an hour later she made herself a breakfast with enough protein that she hit that 30 mark.  She lost 2.8 pounds last week, the other woman lost 4.6.
     I'm still not convinced that this is enough to get me out of my non-breakfast habit. BUT I did buy a package of Mint Chocolate Protein Shakes so there is hope.  (That made with milk will be 17 grams of protein).  Also June shared two very yummy sounding recipes I plan on trying out this week.  Do I foresee maybe two nights of Breakfast for Dinner in the next week? YEAH

Until Next Week~
Always be Glorious 

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