March 3, 2013

Plants and Peeps Update March 3

     It is hard to believe that February is gone and in just a few short weeks Spring will officially be upon us.  I thought I would update you on what's been happening both in and out of the Greenhouse;  Plants and Peeps.

     I am  very pleased with the progress that my Potato Towers are making despite a bit of a set back with an unexpected frost the weekend we went to Mobile.  Here see for yourself:
A number of our seedlings never spouted, which is so frustrating.  Last week I purchased some seeds from a Farm Supply and tried a new way of setting them out I saw on Pinterest, using toilet paper tubes.  These seem to be working really well. The idea is that once the plant sprouts you plant the entire tube into the ground and it will decompose as the plants grows.  Another benefit to this is you can write on the side of each tube the seed you're growing.  Pictured here I have radishes, tomatoes, peppers and melons.
     We have repaired the Greenhouse after it's attack last week.  I used clear contact paper for the time being and it seems to be holding up very nicely.  We had a frost this weekend and all the plants inside survived nicely. 
     Onto the Peeps.  I've never owned a pet that grew as quickly as these chicks.  We're quite convinced they are going to outgrow their current home before we're ready with their new coop.  They are constantly knocking over their water and food.  It seems as if I have to clean out their cage twice a day.  Dried meal worms are their favorite new treat.  I had them eating out of my hand until they started getting a bit too excited and started confusing my fingers with the worms.  Yes it hurts!!  The Barred Plymouth Rocks are getting so you can hardly tell them apart. The Easter Eggers, Merida, Sloane and Bambi are developing beautiful feather patterns.

     Hopefully the frost we're experiencing this weekend will be the last of the season.  I'd like to start moving plants out of the greenhouse and get the Peeps outdoors as well.  How's your 2013 Garden Plans coming along?


  1. I love that toilet paper roll idea!!! I'm ready for my seedlings to move outdoors as my kids keep tripping over them. Oy. I must get a better setup next year!

  2. It looks like you're having some success, and yes, chicks grow up really quickly!


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