March 27, 2013

Look what I got!

OK I know it is a little boastful but I just received an award ~ yeah.  
Big thanks to Carica at Proper Honey

Blogging is no easy task, and being recognized, admired, and supported by your peers is an awesome, feel good thing. That's what the ole' Liebster is about. Getting to know other bloggers, for support and to make new relationships. Of course it is totally 100% voluntary, but it is fun to participate if you can.
11 Facts about Me
  1. I had a paper route while in Jr & Sr High School for Newsday
  2. I lead a campaign to save a campus bar freshman year
  3. I can count all my boyfriends on one hand
  4. I love my afternoon naps
  5. I love the smell of rain in the summer
  6. I will always be a Daddy's Girl
  7. I believe that independence is my strength and weakness
  8. Hyacinths and Tulips are my favorite flowers
  9. I plan to live out my dreams in England
  10. I love chocolate covered dried fruit (Harry & David's)
  11. I am a Disney fanatic
** Carica's Eleven Questions to her Nominees  **
What is your favorite pastime? Cooking for others
If you could re-do any age, what age would it be?  21
If you were  stranded on an island, what is the one thing you couldn't do without? A solar powered satellite linked computer ~ OK real answer is Treasure (as my family isn't a Thing)
What is your guilty pleasure? Double Stuffed Oreos
What is one thing you've done once, but would like to do again? Go on a Cruise
Favorite song or artist? James Taylor and Barbra Streisand
When is the last time you went on a vacation, without work or kids? Will be April 6th
Do you have a reality show must see? NO
If you could have one super power, what would it be? To Fly
Why do you blog? To share my survival story
How many hours a day or week, do you commit to blogging?  I can't say that I actually commit specifically however I try to have at least 3 posts a week.

So now I want to pass this onto 11 other bloggers that I'd love you to go and check out.
    Lady Bren wants to know:
    1. What personality from your teen years would you still like to meet?
    2. Did you paint any rooms in your home the same as your childhood bedroom?
    3. For $1,000,000 would you be a teenager in today's world?
    4. If you had to be a Disney character who would you be?
    5. If offered would you visit the Space Station?
    6. Would you rather sail the seas or float in a hot air balloon?
    7. Flower or Vegetable Garden?
    8. Box Mac & Cheese or homemade (you don't have to cook)?
    9. Do you have a secret family recipe?
    10. What would/do you want your grandbabies to call you?
    11. If offered a free trip for 1 around the world would you go?
    Of course there is never any obligation to do more than just receive this award so please don't feel any pressure. I enjoy each of your blogs and hope now some of my readers will as well.

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