March 29, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday 3/29

     Another month gone??  Really where is 2013 going?  Spring is here (well for most of the US) and the bikinis are in the stores.  I am no where ready for either.  Winter allows us to hide inside baggie clothes... BUT I have less of me to hide than this time last year!!

Actually it is 41 but that just didn't look right.
Kudos to hubby who has lost over 30 pounds!!

    I think this time of year is really hard for those of us trying to lose weight.  I could literally smell the sugar as I walked into the store the other day.  Between the chocolates and the peeps and the jelly beans.. thank heavens we can't become diabetic by smelling sugar!  WE have it a bit easier this year as the two kids at home aren't really into the candy scene.  I'll make sure they each have a bunny in their baskets (if I ever get around to making them) but I won't have pounds of jelly beans or marshmallow peeps everywhere (though you need to see the really cute Easter snacks I've found ~ check out my Easter Fun board on Pinterest). I was in Target last week and had a really hard time not putting the bags of black jelly beans in my basket.  I am not saying that I haven't enjoyed a Cadbury Creme Egg since their appearance ~ let's not get crazy.  I do think not having all of that temptation around the house makes things easier.  My real challenge will be next week when all of the unsold candy is in the clearance cart, who can resist 50% off candy???
    For Easter we're keeping it quiet.  We're going to an early service followed by a very WW low point themed brunch.  Dinner will be stuffed lamb with spring veggies on the side.  The only real challenge food will be the rolls.  We need to stay pretty point focused as our big dinner at Victoria and Albert's is getting close (check out my counter)
     Earlier this week I shared how we have joined the Meatless Monday Movement.  I am really looking forward to exploring different and new recipes.  I moved our customary salad night to Wednesday and whipped up a yummy marinade and dressing using things I bet you have in your kitchen.  It was a simple Orange(juice) Honey Ginger themed meal.  
The marinade was simply those three  ingredients plus a little bit of salt.  I mixed all together in a zip bag threw in some thighs and let it set for a couple of hours.  I added the honey at the last minute and glad I did as it elevated the flavors a bit.  I can't say that I measured anything but I am fairly certain I didn't use more than a cup of juice.  I do use fresh ginger which I always have in my freezer for easy grating.
     The dressing wasn't that different.  I did measure the oil ~ 1/4 cup and used a bit more than that of the juice.  I would say I probably used a tablespoon of honey and ginger along with some fresh parsley and salt/pepper.  Like any dressing you have to taste it to know you've got it right.  
     I grilled the chicken (feed the cooked skins to the puppies), chopped it up and served it over a simple salad of fresh greens (from my greenhouse), sliced grapes, and roasted almonds. Topped it off with some dressing and fresh ciabata rolls.  

So that's been my week with food, hope yours has been as glorious!!


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