March 8, 2013

2013 Book Challenge Update for February

         Here's February's update for the 5 Book Challenges. I didn't do as much as I hoped or hit as many unique needs for the challenges.  I have a plan for March and definitely going to be knocking some requirements out.
**updated 3/11 left off the list
  The books I read this month were:

Tess Gerritsen 
Harvest Written in 1996 this is one of her first medical suspense novels.  Her style is so similar to Robin Cook's.  A truly engaging story about organ donations, black market, stolen children and more.
Keeper of the Bride  Another of her earlier books and is more a romance novel than we are used to her writing now.  In this book the female character isn't the hero rather the victim who is saved.  The story won't disappoint.
The Keepsake Rizzoli/Isles #7  One of my favorite in this series.  R/I take a bit of a backseat in this story which allows the center figure to develop nicely.  The story starts when Maura is invited to watch the CT of a mummy found in a museum basement that turns out to be much less than 1,000 years old.

Celia Rees
Witch Child  The only reason I chose this book was to fulfill my BBC need for February.  I am having trouble finding recent british authors on audio so I turned to the lists compiled by readers in the 2012 BBC.  This book was on several lists.  I now know why.
Witch Child is not your typical Salem story.  It is told through the pages of a diary discovered sewn into a quilt.  Ms. Rees is an exceptional historical fiction author as she leaves you wondering if the story is true or not.  I hope to find more of her books in the audio section.

Kathy Reichs
Bones are Forever The newest book from Kathy Reichs has Temperance and Det. Ryan pursuing a baby killer across Canada.  Infantcide is only part of the whole story.

2013 Audio Book Challenge.  For this challenge I committed to reading  hearing 25 books over the course of the year.  Books read before this month: 5  Books read this month: 4 5

 6th What's In A Name Challenge NOTHING :(

 2013 British Books Challenge (BBC).  Witch Child by Ceelia Rees

Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge.  I committed to reading between 66-70 books during 2013.  To date I've ready 9 10 books.  To stay on track I should have finished at least 11 by now.

Eclectic Reader Challenge. Again not one of my books qualified for any of the 12 categories.  Going to have to try better in February. For March I am making a conscience effort to read at least two books that qualify

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