August 6, 2011

Too many fingers in the pot?

Royal Note: I don't know why but this post took days to write.  I had so many thoughts but just couldn't get them focused

     Too many chefs spoil the soup? If that's true than is it possible that too many doctors can confuse the patient? OK maybe that doesn't sound right.  This is one of those opportunities where I will use the"I just had a stroke and my brain isn't working today" card.

     Since my release from Incarceration Rehab I have seen a number of doctors.  Thankfully their ranks have decreased as the months have gone by.  Currently I see my internist every three months and a neurologist every six months.  I have been working with a stress therapist since I came home whom I see once a week.  Recently I added a weekly visit to an acupuncturist who was recommended by a dear friend.

     Without sounding too arrogant I will proudly say that I have been working my butt off to get back to 100%.  I know it is going to take a while to reach that goal.  I understand that for most of the time the things that someone who is recovering from a stroke does isn't all that evident to others.  Simple things such as taking back responsibilities, learning new lifestyle approaches, even just learning when to take a nap and not push your body are not as easy as they sound.  All of these things along with physical therapies, medications and stress therapy work hand in hand to help the progression to full recovery.   There are times when the strides we make seem great and others when they're barely baby steps.

    So this is where my current frustration is coming in.  I have been seeing an acupuncturist for three weeks and it seems as though she wants complete credit for how I'm feeling to date.  I am happy to admit that I have seen incredible results especially with regards to an ache in my ankle, one session and it was gone.  Having never seen an accupunturst before I don't know if this is the mindset they all share:  Your life pretty much sucked until you found me and without me you'll never fully recover.
Since seeing her she has made the following comments:
  • there's nothing in your history suggesting a stroke I'm not sure you had one
  • there is no such thing as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia
  • your entire family needs deep counselling to recover from your stroke
  • your are helping your children become co-dependents by allowing them to care for you
  • I believe I've done more for your well-being than your stress therapist
  • the way your body reacts to ant bites means you have an immune deficiency
OK I know every one's answer is.... don't take that crap.  But like most situations in life there's more to it than meets the eye.
     So like I stated earlier is this a common life view of acupuncturists?  I understand that this is a way of life for many.  Am I taking things way too out of proportion?

    I am one of those people who goes to the doctors with a list of questions.  When I am told anything that I don't full understand you'll finding me researching it on the Internet.  I also firmly believe it is important to be your own best health advocate and if you are uncomfortable asking doctors questions then have someone go with you to your appointments.   So again I am thrown for a loop.  Every website I come upon regarding acupuncture is by someone who practices it so I'm not really finding "the other side" of the coin so to speak.


  1. Hi, I am your newest follower from the Blog hop. stop by some time!


  2. I've only been to an acupuncturist once, years ago after a back injury. Mine was a Chinese lady and she didn't actually talk much at all - which I loved! I found it to be a very restful and relaxing 20 minutes!

    To me, it sounds a bit inappropriate...have you thought about looking around for another one? Mine was on Wells Road by Debarry (not sure if they're still there.)

    Congratulations on all the progress YOU have made!

  3. You're doing great! My husband has similar challenges, but not doing quite as well as you are. Being your own health advocate shows your mind is committed to getting well. Be encouraged and hang in there! I've never had acupuncture but heard that it does wonders for some people. I go to a chiropractor for my health. She uses an actuator instead of the usual bone manipulation. It's great!


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