August 25, 2011

As if turning 50 isn’t hard enough

   Turning 50 is considered a huge milestone in our society.  It usually means parties with an “Over the Hill” theme including black balloons and gag gifts of canes and such.  So imagine your birthday being announced on NPR in reference to being someone’s Dad ~ OUCH!!
  Six years ago when I started having to drive my kids to school at 6:30 in the morning the only thing I proclaimed allowed on the radio is NPR.  It is way too early for top 40 or any other music choice they may have, never mind they’re usually sleeping.  Every morning at 7am NPR announces someone’s birthday.  Usually they share a bit of the person’s fame before their name.  Today Billy Ray Cyrus turns 50.  You would think that their lead in would have been the crooner of Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus turns 50 today.  NOPE.  Billy Ray’s own accomplishments weren’t even mentioned.   So how was his birthday announced?
Miley’s Dad Billy Ray turns 50 today.
Ouch you can’t tell me that didn’t sting just a little bit. 
   As proud of I am of my kids’ accomplishments if there is one day I don’t want to be known as Em’s, Patrick’s or Meg’s mom it is my birthday; especially on my 50th birthday.  I don’t know, perhaps things are different in show business.  After all he was responsible for getting her the role of Hannah Montana.  Without question I am sure he is very proud of the success she has achieved.  So maybe this is a proud moment for him.  Me~ I’d be more than a little crabby!
     Or maybe it is just me and my personal self-centeredness.   Let me make this clear.  My birthday is my birthday.  I don’t want any of my kids getting married on it.  I’d prefer not to have any grandbabies born on my day.  When planning our wedding I even made sure we weren’t saying I do anywhere near my day.  With all of this being said you’d think I’d be someone who has big celebrations and such.  Nope.  The day is usually uneventful with a nice dinner and a specialty cake from Publix.  It is just my family of 5 who celebrate, actually 4 now that Em’s at school :0(   Now that I am Royal I guess I could pass a Proclamation and declare it a holiday…. Hmmm I do have a couple of weeks left to do that.


  1. Darling, I'd go with a royal proclamation and declare a holiday in your honor... Cups Up! xoxo

  2. He was known as the Achy Breaky Heart guy but that was not necessarily a good thing. So maybe it is just fine to draw attention from it.

    Just saying, lol.


  3. i hear ya..i don't want another person, place, or thing intruding on my day. although michael jackson died like two days before, so that always makes news instead of me getting a year older. and when i hit the 50 mark, i want all my 'over the hill' themed stuff to come with cheetah print and rhinestones!

  4. Donna I love the idea of cheetah print and rhinestones LOL though I could never pull that one off

    Allie this is true you may have a point. Oh I remember dancing around to that song while pregnant with my oldest.... oops my age is showing

    OC Mommy I think you are officially the Captain of my Cheer Squad


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