August 28, 2011

Sunday August 28th

I had a hard time calling today Serenity Sunday as usual.  Thursday we headed to the beach to see how Irene was kicking things up.  The waves were rolling in on top of each other.  It was almost as if they were competing to get to shore.  Often the waves weren't even parallel with each other; crashing at angles producing magnificent views. I am just amazed how this incredible force of nature was presenting this beautiful water show less than 48 hours before causing horrific damage further North.  I shot over 150 pics just of the waves.... I've selected my faves for you.

Sometimes God calms the storms and sometimes He just holds us tight.


  1. beautiful photos indeed. it would be nice to have mainstream media incorporate some of these into their segments, but that wouldn't do much for ratings. thanks for shooting and sharing.

  2. I love your photos! Whenever I am near the ocean, it seems like I am called to the water by the waves. It is one of the things I truly miss now that I live so far inland.

  3. Donna glad you enjoy the pictures. I really don't take ocean shots enough mother nature is just incredible. Though the kids think we should do this every time a hurricane passes by... maybe that's because we went out to eat hmmmm

    Squeak its funny I've moved twice since growing up on Long Island both not really by choice and we've always landed by the water... ok maybe my husband working for the navy might have something to do withthat LOL

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  6. You had me at the first picture!! OH how I love the sea :)
    I lived in NY we would take trips up the coast to Maine, and then all the way down to VA to camp. Our hikes went out to the ocean where I collected shells. Then I moved to CA. The first thing I did was drive up and down the coastal linetaking pictures of the waves and oceans. It's so calming, it's beautiful no matter how the weather is. :)


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