August 7, 2013

Glorious People You Should Know

Here in my World I have the privilege of rubbing elbows with some pretty talented people and I realized that unless you are one of my Twitter followers (@Lady_Bren) you have probably never heard of them.
The first person I'd like you to meet is Veronica from My Catholic Kitchen.  I've referenced her a time or 
two here before.  Whenever her posts come across my approval stream in Triberr I always, ALWAYS read her recipes. She belongs to a number of cooking groups that are the closest you can get to Iron Chef on a blogging format which means she's always creating something glorious.  Whether you are looking for a light appetizer, (Watermelon Feta and Kiwi Napoleans),  a new Bundt Cake for dessert (she has one every month) or a spin on an old classic (America Pate ~ Meatloaf) Vonnie, as her friends call her, has something that will satisfy the chef in you regardless of your cooking ability.  Please let her know I told you to stop by and let me know which of her recipes you tried.
Next we are going to travel down under to Australia and Andrew's Wonderful World of Pop Culture.  
Whether is it the latest movie, your favorite TV show or even Cookie Monster, Andrew is always first with the news.  I love being able to scoop my IMDB loving husband with info on movies yet to be released thanks to Andrew.  It was on his site that I first saw the 2014 trailer for Season 3 of Sherlock;  Heard rumors that the newest Dr. Who might be a female (no such luck); learned about Pixar's latest animation project.  Andrew is the man to know to be on top of pop (like what I did there).

The next person I'd like you to visit is Martina McGowan.  Martina is a grandmother, mentor, coach and full-time Gynecologist (yeah she's pretty busy).  Despite the many demands in her life she finds time to write some of the most inspiring blogs.  Nearly all of her posts start with an image matched with the perfect quote she's chosen for her message that sticks with you.  Other times it may be a question that challenges you. Almost always you will leave her feeling you've expanded your insight, and maybe even your worldview just a little.

Another gentleman you need to stop by and visit is Bruce Sallan; he's quite the celeb in my blogosphere.  He writes about life from a Dad's point of view.  Not only can you catch him on his blog but also in print, on the radio and other web affiliates oh and iTunes as well.. (And I know him how cool) Bruce's sense of humor is one any parent can relate too. His comic strips are so on point you often wonder if he's listening to your life somehow.  I know hubby would never forgive me if I didn't mention that Bruce has quite the Hollywood history as well.

Finally rounding out this glorious set is Gina Valley, you knew I was going to share someone who was funny and a bit snarky as well, Gina's that gal.  Whenever I read her posts I smile, often giggle and on occasions have snorted with laughter (believe me you don't want to hear that).  Whether she's sharing life as a glamorous soccer mom, favorite quotes from the week or interesting Twitter posts she's always good for a smile. 

Well I hope you'll stop by and visit these great bloggers.  Remember you can follow me on Twitter  @Lady_Bren.  And don't forget to tell Gina, Bruce, Martina, Andrew and Vonnie that Lady Bren sent you!

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