April 22, 2013

Victoria and Albert Part Two

Welcome back to part two of our wonderful evening at Disney's Victoria and Albert's Restaurant.  In case you missed Part One check it out here.  As before I suggest you have something nearby to eat and drink while reading this and be thankful pictures don't contain calories :)
     Before the rest of the meal was served our evening drinks were prepared.  This was truly entertaining.   What resembles a hookah machine actually turned out to be our coffee and tea makers.  Following the law of physics: the heat causes the steam them water to rise into the top glass container where the beans/leaves are kept.  Once all of the water has risen to the top a steeping period is allowed.  When the heat is turned off the now tea/coffee flows into the bottom carafe leaving all the beans/leaves above.  I WANT ONE OF THESE TEA MAKERS!!  However Cona only makes them for Disney :(

Hubby and I both chose the Cheese Plate. The first piece was served with a bit of honey ~ I've never  had honey with a cheese before and I want to know why? Each pairing was wonderful. I also loved the pears with the Stilton, something we had in London oh so long ago.

Finally  it was time for dessert.  Hubby made his decision easily when he saw the Grand Marnier Souffle.  Even the way it was served was decadent.  Jack made quite a showing out of breaking the top and serving the vanilla sauce.  I'm not sure what the cookie was, he didn't share that.

Did you see the number of choices on the menu?  How was I supposed to choose?  Having scoped out researched what other diners had posted I knew I wanted one of their chocolate creations.  Still as I watched servers bringing out one glorious creation after another to other diners I wondered if I chose the right dessert.

So what do you think about my choice.  It truly was almost too beautiful to eat.  The sugar ribbons are infused with honey.  Each of the Violets are sugared as well. I couldn't bring myself to break the Purse so I started with the ribbons and Sherbet.  It wasn't until all but one last violet was left did I finally attack approach the Purse. Laid on it's side the purse gently unfolded revealing the sponge cake topped with Meyer Lemon and Orange Custard.  I am not sure anyone has taken as long to eat such a small dessert but I didn't care as I truly savored each and every bite (OK I did give Hubby one teeny tiny taste)  For my last bite I enjoyed the last sugared violet.

     At this point I was truly sad, knowing that my wonderful evening was quickly coming to an end.  I may have been a little sad knowing that this also meant the check would soon be arriving.  Even the check was done in style, having arrived in its own felt box.  We knew that this was going to be a very expensive meal.  The base price is shown on the bottom of the menu.  Hubby had one upgrade.  We also enjoyed drinks through out the meal.  When the smoke cleared, including tip, we spent just over $400.
     The evening wasn't yet done.  Accompanying the check was a plate of Friandises.  Those three last glorious little treats were simply heavenly.  There sweetness did help with having to admit that the evening was over.

     Not wanting you to leave empty handed each table is given a freshly baked bread for the morning.  Ours was a wonderful Orange~Walnut, that we saved to share with the kids.  They also present each lady with a long stemmed red rose.

     The evening completely lived up to my expectations.  Between the food, the service, the atmosphere, and of course the company this anniversary celebration was absolutely glorious!
Now it's time to start saving again so we can return for my 2nd 25th birthday this October.  I have not problem giving up restaurant fare for 6 months to enjoy another meal like this.
We already have our reservations!!


  1. Wow! $400 is astonishingly expensive. I hope you were both sizzled on excellent wine. All looks lovely and I do like the way you manage to write across the plates. Look forward to hearing of your next meal out.

    1. Sorry I missed your reply
      Yeah it was uber expensive but we had saved and knew what we were getting ourselves into:)
      Now we're saving to return on my 50th but the sequester may dampen those plans :(

  2. Love your blog! Every night before Christmas Eve, I like to read about others' experiences at V&A's, (we go every Christmas Eve). We too give up other 'restaurant fare' so that we can enjoy this one big evening out! I just love being able to put on an evening gown with hubby in his tux, you just cannot seem to dress up to go out for dinner anywhere (in the world). Hope to read more about your experiences!

    1. I can't imagine how glorious dinner at V&A on Christmas Eve. We are counting down until our return in April for our 25th, we're so excited we will be dining in the Victoria Room.
      Would love to see pics from your dinner


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