April 12, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Friday 4/12

     Well I did it again! Remember last week: Someone needs to explain to me how your weight can stay exactly the same?  I somehow consumed the exact amount of calories that I burned?    This week I am incredibly psyched with the scale's non-movement.  I even cheered at my weigh-in when Pam told me this week's result.

        Considering the glorious amount of food I consumed last weekend I was sincerely expecting to have gained at least one pound.  I don't know if it was smart or not but I decided to weigh myself Saturday morning before we left for Orlando.  Then because I am that vicious I weighed myself Monday night when we returned.  As you can see my glorious weekend of fine food and buffet life-style definitely had it's price.
     I am going to however look at this as a positive.  As soon as we returned from Orlando I hunkered down and watched what I ate.  I also started walking in the mornings like I had mentioned last week.  Which means I lost the 2.8 pounds in 3 days!! So all in all I consider last week quite successful.  How many people do you know can say they had a gourmet 6+ course meal, consumed more than a little alcohol, ate whatever they wanted at a German buffet, yummies in Epcot and didn't gain any weight???
     Now that life is back to "normal" I have a new date specific goal ahead of me.  We joined Weight Watchers last year on June 21st.  My goal is to have lost at least 52 pounds by then.  This means that I have 10 weeks to lost 11 pounds.  I KNOW I can do this.  Who is with me??

     Well without a doubt our meal at Victoria and Albert's was phenomenal.  It took two posts to share it all (they're starting tomorrow).  I do love food.  I also know what I don't like.  I was proud of myself at the German Buffet as I tried EVERYTHING, and actually didn't like most of it.  But isn't that the point of those type of buffets?

     As I mentioned above upon our return I was very aware of all that I ate.  For our Meatless Monday we had a new dish.  While shopping last week I grabbed two bags of Trader Joe's Polenta Provencale with Spinach and Peas.Yes we had a frozen dinner, I planned it that way knowing how I'd come home wiped.  While you can cook this on the stove I chose to heat them up in the microwave (told you I was wiped) and served it over broccoli.  For our family I cooked the two bags, which I found to be quite satisfying.  Each serving was 6 points.

It is also Gluten-Free for those of you who have to watch for that.

So here's to starting everyday new and losing fat while loving food!
Have a glorious week,

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