April 4, 2013

Don't Blame ME~ I Saw It on Pinterest

     When my husband arrived home from work the other night the last thing he expected to see was our front yard piled high with Crepe Myrtle branches.  He knew they couldn't have come from our trees especially there were close to over hundred 8' and longer branches piled high and wide.  After climbing over the mess blocking the garage and trying to figure out what the four different piles I had of various cut branches could possibly mean I smiled and told him "It's for a project I saw on Pinterest!" 

     I can't tell you how many times over the last few months I've paused the TV, shoved the laptop in his face, and said "LOOK we should do this"!  He's been more gracious than most husbands as I usually get some sort of positive response.   I actually believe he would even admit to being more than happy with a number of our Pinterest recreations.
Garden and Yard Ideas
  Our Potato Towers are doing wonderful and we had fun searching high and low for containers we could re-purpose
   Straw Gardening is our newest attempt and now that we have some "curing" in the back yard and corn ready to go in them he's seeing my vision
   Toilet Paper Rolls and Milk Jugs for seedlings have worked out wonderfully.
Cool Stuff To Know/Try
     Meg and I now use the 5 minute Nail Polish removal and love it ~ so much easier
     We've colored our noodles ~ BTW you really need A LOT of dye
For The Home
     Using a curtain rod under the sink to hold cleaning bottle was a great idea even if it did take a bit more work that described
     We are actually planning on doing the Hallway project if/when the sequester starts
     There are way too many to even mention. Just know he never complains when I show him the newest addition to our menu line-ups. Now with the addition of Meatless Mondays I am searching the boards even more than usual.
     I have also started using Pinterest as a memory book as well.  I've created boards for the movies we've gone to see and the books I'm listening to.

     So for that pile of branches in my front yard I have a number of different projects I want to try.  You can envision all of this
turning into these right?

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