April 4, 2012

Nepotism ~ it's not just for families anymore

     Simply put today's job market sucks.  Now try to be a high school graduate, college student never mind a college graduate. The unemployment numbers for those groups are just staggering.  These are job candidates who don't simply just want money for movies and new video games.  These candidates are often in desperate need of a job so they can buy college books, car insurance never mind make their tuition. So explain to me why time and time again instead of employers hiring motivated, mature candidates who are desperate for work they would rather hire the 15 yr. child of a friend!!!!!!!
     It isn't even just that situation that drives me nuts.  I completely understand people having a passion for a certain job field and wanting to get "hands on" as soon as possible. I don't understand how the passion of an untrained 18yr somehow makes them a better candidate than say someone with a degree? Since when did the fact that they are a niece or nephew become a qualifier? It simply drives me nuts.
     I completely understand the concept of nepotism when you have built the business and want to pass it onto your sons and daughters.  After all aren’t those the hopes and dreams of the founder?  I got my first real job while a senior in high school.  It was for Herber Plumbing and Heating.  I was hired as a gal Friday and thrilled to have made lifelong friends.  Bob and JoAnne worked long hours and were proud of the business they had built out of their home.  When I started working for them they were celebrating their 10th year and in the process of moving into a store front they had built.   They had a son, Bobby, and when he was old enough he went out with the plumbers and learned the business.  Should they have hired an apprentice instead of their son? Of course not.  Herber Plumbing is still a mainstay back home and I'm sure Bobby plans on bringing his kids into the business someday.  That is completely different than a Dental Assistant bringing her 14yr old daughter to work and taking patients’ x-rays!!
     It truly frustrates me to no end when I see others misusing their position to get jobs for their friends and family who honestly wouldn't get the job if there was a true application process.  There is always a loss when that happens.  Very often the person granting the job can't/doesn't see it because of the rose colored glasses they have on. Whether it is in the quality of the work being performed or simply the fact that they didn't have to earn this job and have lost that life lesson there is a loss. Now I am big enough to admit that there are some very great exceptions to this situation but they're just that~ exceptions.
     To be perfectly honest an organization I'm involved with has a severe problem with nepotism.  It is almost comical it has been going on so long.  Currently they have an intern program which is infested with nepotism.  Simply put if you aren't related or the good friend of the staff with rare exception you aren't hired.  The main qualifications as well as a heart for its mission well, reread the last sentence.  Is that to say they aren't great workers~ most of the time they have been but again how would they stand against a qualified group of candidates?  Doesn't matter there never is a group these positions are given out.
     I do not have ties to anyone, any company, anywhere so sorry can't help you with a job search.  Maybe that's why Patrick's having a hard time finding a job! He did have one interview with a pizza chain but talk about sketch.  After showing up early wearing jacket and tie the manager held the interview while they stood outside the store.  Remember this is Florida, it was 80+ degrees. Thank heavens it lasted less than 5 minutes.  He had applied for a team position not delivery, since at the time he hadn't received his license yet.  It didn't seem to bother her that he had his license for less than a week would he take a delivery job?  When he said no she told him she'd try to get his some team hours..... We haven't heard back.  Maybe she was holding the team job for a friend's daughter?
    Just to be clear, my son~

  • graduating high school
  • staying local~ not going away to college
  • NJROTC officer
  • clean cut, no tattoos or piercings
  • 4 years in a leadership volunteer position outside of school
  • glowing references
  • plans on joining reserves
Yes please hire the 15yr old boy crazy daughter of your friend... that will work out



  1. I'm assuming you're in the US, whereas I'm in the UK - but unemployment figures here are becoming pretty staggering once again too. I don't know about people securing jobs for their own relatives and friends over other candidates, but I do know that a lot of places try to take on younger members of staff because the labour costs less. My partner has missed out on a number of interviews to younger candidates, and time and again it's disappointing and unfair. Hopefully the job market and economy rebound sometime soon and this isn't an issue again - until the next recession, at least.

  2. Nick sorry your partner is having a rough time finding a job.Uggh I get the hiring the younger kids to pay less and that tanks. The employer gets what they are paying for. The jobs that I was blogging bout tend to be minimum wage so there's no real savings. It is scary what this economy is doing.


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