April 2, 2012

I have proof I should be drinking more~ and I don't mean water

     I knew there was supposed to be more alcohol in my life and now I have proof!!  While I was checking out Friday (alcohol free mind you) I was completely shocked when I saw the following magazine cover:

Prevent Stroke with a Bloody Mary!!
    I have always been more of a Long Island Iced Tea girl but if switching to a Bloody Mary will lower my risk of a stroke then bring them on.

     Of course I had to buy this magazine to read further. Kudos to the layout team on this magazine because I rarely buy the rags at the check-out.  Well I should have kept my $1.79 as they horribly mislead me. Ok I'll admit I really didn't expect them to say that somehow the combination of tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and a celery stick was actually going to lower my risk of a stroke but I could dream right. Be honest you were hoping a little bit too.

In her article Stay stroke-free for life Brenda Kearns does share 5 tips, including a Bloody Mary, that can help you reduce your risk for a stroke.  
  1. Exercise, staying fit over getting slim. University of South Carolina study found just 30 minutes of exercise daily can cut a woman's chances of stroke 20% while losing weight didn't make a difference
  2. Vitamin E Some research suggests that your chances of having a stroke decreases as much as 50% if you take 400 IU of Vitamin E. **PLEASE do NOT increase vitamin E without talking to your doctor as there are conflicting reports on whether it is helpful or harmful**
  3. Smile University of Michigan suggests that simply smiling, even if you don't mean it, can reduce your risk of a stroke by 27%.  When you smile it signals your brain to slow down production of cortisol, a hormone that kick-starts artery damaging inflammation.
  4. Eat some Raisins Consuming a 1/4 cup of dried fruit daily could cut your stroke risk by 25%.  Dried fruit is rich in potassium.  This mineral helps artery walls relax which can prevent damaging blood pressure spikes.
AND Finally…..
  1. Bloody Mary To reduce your risk of a stroke up to 37% have some vodka. Well that’s not what it really says ~misleading front page headline L  What it does say is that women who added one cup of nutrient rich fruit or vegetables to every meal cut their risk of a stroke as much as 37%.  This can also be achieved by drinking a Bloody Mary or one 8-oz glass of V8 EACH day.  According to Canadian research going too low on your sodium isn’t helpful so drink the regular V8 not the low sodium alternative.  See you should have had a V8 (Sorry couldn’t resist)
    While Ms. Kearns and the Woman’s World did disappoint me by not endorsing a daily dose of alcohol to prevent strokes the advice given is strong and substantial.  Please always remember if you suspect someone is having a stroke Speed counts.  Be sure to get them to the hospital as quickly as possible.  It is always better to err on the side of caution:
Facial Weakness
Arm & Leg Weakness
Speech Problems
Time is Critical
If you answer yes to any of the above CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!


  1. Vodka and lemonade probanly don't count, huh?

  2. Check this out.

  3. Sorry Bridget Vodka and Lemonade definitely not gonna help... you need those veggies But Cheers just the same

  4. Dean thank you for the link. Alcohol does impact men and women differently. As stated in my blog and Ms. Kearn's article it isn't the alcohol in the Bloody Mary's that would be beneficial but rather the nutrient rich vegetable juice itself.
    I applaud Women's World for using a front cover blurb as it did to help educate women in ways to prevent strokes. And hopefully my humorous approach will also help educate people as well :)


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