June 7, 2013

Losing Fat Loving Food Fridays June 7th

     I was incredibly nervous walking into Weight Watchers.  Remember we got rid of our scale so I really had no clue as to how I did.  I did track every thing that I ate and I stayed within my points.  My WW 1 year anniversary is but 2 weeks away and I have 3.8 pounds to go.


Well to be exact, 50.2 pounds thank you very much.  WOO HOO best part is I am getting a Pandora Charm tomorrow!! No that's not really the best thing but I am psyched.
     Here's my reality on this ~ while I have given up alcohol until I hit 52 pounds I have NOT given up much else.  I still have my black and white cookies from Publix (not every night mind you).  This week I split a New York Steamer Sub from Firehouse complete with mayo and cheese.  I even went out to dinner and didn't have a grilled chicken salad.
     Losing Fat does not mean hating food.  Let's face it if I could walk away from my love affair with food I wouldn't be sharing all of my weight loss struggles now would I?  I am not looking to be a super skinny person always worried about gaining one or two pounds.  I want to be healthy, most definitely healthier than I am now.  I know I am healthier than I was this time last year.
   It is getting down to the wire but I am holding steady.  I have two weeks to lose 1.8 pounds.  Now if everyone in the family can stay healthy and life not throw any crazy stress-inducing curve balls I am confident you'll be seeing a new goal tracker in the very near future!

Until next week
Remain Glorious!!

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