May 22, 2013

We Now Return You to the Regularly Scheduled Program

     Well I guess you can't describe me as consistent. Yet if you've been visiting for a while you know there are times I just disappear ~ but I always come back.  My last post wasn't even really a me post ~ though I do love sharing what I'm reading.  Life is well life and sometimes it just gets in the way and sometimes is just rolls right over you.  These past few weeks have been a bit of a combination.  Hell these past 9 months have felt that way.
     Blogging is supposed to be a freedom, a release of sorts.  Yet there are times when it feels burdensome.  I blog to share, educated, and hopefully entertain on occasions.  My blog doesn't generate any income, much to Hubby's dismay.  So why do it?  Because I need it.
     I'll be honest it absolutely amazes me the amount of people (that's you) that take time out of their day and spend it here with me.  I've mentioned before how I don't describe myself as an author nor have I ever had any desire to be one.  I'm the numbers girl, give me a spreadsheet, ask me where the errors are, challenge me to balance a budget, just give me a Sudoku ~ that's who I am, rather was.
     Despite my blog being just over 2 years old I still have those times when the thought of writing not only terrifies me I wonder if I really have anything worth saying being read.  On the flip side of it there are times it seems I have so much to say and I am not sure how to organize my thoughts well enough to get them here.  Then by the time I've gathered all the chicks even I'm not excited about what I had to say.
   That's pretty much what the past ten days have been like.  Part of the issue is a struggle I've been facing with a family secret, that needs to be addressed here in the hopes of finding someone out there who is going through the same thing or better yet has come through the other side.  I've written that post umpteen times only to delete them all.  ~which is much less fulfilling than pulling paper out of a typewriter, crumpling it up and tossing it in the trash.
     So where does that leave me and well, us?  Blogging is a very important of my stress therapy and I'll admit my stress levels are pretty high these days so I need to use this vehicle as the pressure valve it is intended to be.  The reality is this:

  • My weight loss of 52 pounds by June 21st is looming.  
  • The Peeps and the Itty-Bitties are as crazy as ever
  • The garden is glorious
  • I've been busy creating/cooking/living Pinterest ideas
  • I have some new rants that need a soap box 
  • AND
  • I am also going to be sharing issues that are not going to make everyone comfortable.
Stay tuned
You're not going to want to miss any of it!

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