September 20, 2012

So what have you been up to?

 .      This summer as I mentioned earlier this week, truly seemed to fly by.  It wasn't that I had a whirlwind of a summer or even went on a long vacation.  But I'm guessing now that the kids are older summers truly aren't what they used to be.   I think we figured that everyone was home for maybe 3 weeks of "Official Summer". We did wind up having one childless week as all three volunteered as counselors at a camp. And I must say it was quite nice not having to write a check for camp this year ~ woo hoo.
     Reflecting back I can't really say I even accomplished or completed anything major this summer and you know what I am perfectly OK with that.  I believe this new laid back attitude of mine is helping in my recovery as I have had less stressed-out/migraine episodes. So yeah.
    While doing "nothing" I did however seem to devour books.  I still am having trouble on the reading side so all of my books were audio versions.  I think I completely read all that my library system offered on two different authors.  I really am running out of option though so if you have anyone you particularly like that writes suspense or historical fiction please let me know.  I have added a page to my pinterest board just for my audio books. Though now that I've looked at it there are a bunch missing... guess what I'm doing once this is posted.
     One thing hubby and I did get into this summer was COCKTAILS. How is it that I didn't know such a thing as watermelon or strawberry vodka existed?  (head shake ~ I know how sad).  Well I made up for lost time.  We were buying a bottle every other (OK sometimes every) weekend.  With hundreds of recipes on the Internet how else was I going to do diligent research to share with you???  After trying a few (dozen) I finally decided to get creative for two reasons.

  1. It gets expensive going out and buying all the different juices and vodkas
  2. We started Weight Watchers
By the end of July our weekend cocktails started to follow this format:
2 2 liter bottles of club soda
1/2  flavored bottle of vodka (approx 1 1/2 cup or 12 oz)
fresh fruit
2 pks crystal light type mix.

PEOPLE do you know the combinations you can come up with??? I found that Wal-Mart has many more choices than Crystal Light does.  We did some serious experimenting.  Once favorite was Strawberry Vodka, fresh strawberries and banana muddled, walmart's strawberry banana drink mix.  Here's the best part~ the pitcher usually lasted the weekend.  Hubby and I shared so figured we each drank half (just go with it).  As far as WW goes half the pitcher would wind up being about 15 points.....less than 1/3 I was allotted for the entire weekend.   Here are some we tried :Lady Bren cocktails

     There were a number of exciting moments of  course but I think I'll share those one at a time.

So tell me any great cocktails you'd like to share :)


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